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You won’t find any cusswords here, but instead, talk about Cloth Diapering.  Yes, I am a cloth-diapering Mama.  A few months ago, before Aubrey was born, I wrote this post on what our plan was for Aubrey on Newlyweds-dish.com.  I realized that I never wrote about it on here. But we did start purchasing cloth diapers over the summer and used a hybrid system when Aubrey was born.

We started with gDiapers.  They are cute, colorful, and I read a lot of posts about them.  A few other mommy bloggers, including Sara from Stinkerpants, uses them on her daughter.  I emailed her with some questionsI had before I bought my stash.  I first bought the Tiny g’s from a woman on craigslist and ended up purchasing her small size as well.

When we brough Aubrey home, we started using the Tiny G’s with the disposable insert. After about 2 weeks she was able to fit in the Small g’s and we used that with their gCloth. The different colors was very appealing to me and loved how cute she looked in them.  With the stash we had (10 covers, 16 pouches, 24 cloths) it resulted in laundry every 2 days.  Not bad! We were able to get some re-use of the pouches and covers (about every 3 changes we could reuse) and Jon and I were happy with our decision to cloth diaper.  At this time, Aubrey was sleeping about 4 hours stretches so her diapers would stay on for that long.  Some times there would be leaks if she over-saturated the cloth, but it didn’t happen too often.




Around 4 weeks, we tried using the BumGenius Elemental All-in-One (AIO) diapers.  But, her little legs were too tiny for them and while I would feed her, I’d receive a pleasant warm surprise….I tried them once at 5 weeks, and once at 6 weeks. At the 6 week mark she was finally plump enough to not leak in them.   These became our night diapers.  At this point, she was sleeping 10-12 hours in a row and wouldn’t wake for a feeding. {my how I LOVED this!}


 {ignore that small stain. It’ll come out if I sun it. It’s a clean diaper – promise!}

So night she would use the AIO and day would be gDiapers.  We then had 5 AIOs to add to the rotation along with the original stash of gDiapers. Why do I mention this? Well because right after we started the AIO I got the itch to try the BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diapers.  Ask any cloth-diapering mama, the itch/obsession for trying new brands is too strong to avoid.  I purchased 2 pockets on a “Seconds Sale” through CottonBabies and instantly loved them.  They held up better to leaks than the gDiapers and seemed to be easier for family to put on.





{side story – my mom, one of the caregivers for Aubrey while I’m at work, was having a difficult time securing the velcro tabs on the backside of Aubrey due to some past shoulder surgeries}

So, with some of my birthday money, I decided to increse the pocket stash – and bought 3 more.  Then with some christmas money, I bought another 2.  And 2 more AIOs.

As of the new year, we now have the original stash of gDiapers that are used during the day {but not during naps}, 7 pockets {that we use during nap times}, and 7 AIOs {that are for night, and naps, if the pockets are dirty}.  I now do laundry every 3rd or 4th day – depending on scheduling.  We’re on the cusp of Aubrey outgrowing the Small gDiapers, and we had a decision to make – buy more, or move to pockets.


I’ve now been back at work for 2 weeks and our caregivers {my mom, my aunt, and Jon’s mom} are finishing up some disposables we had on hand but we want to make it as easy as possible for them to change her diapers.  The AIOs are definitely THE easisest since they just toss in the wet bag when changing her.  Pockets involve a little more work – pulling out the insert and then dumping both parts.  So, we’ve been searching and without wanting to buy MORE brands, I’m tapping into my friend, Mia, for her input. She just purchased a brand called Ones & Twos.  It’s both an AIO and a pocket.  The AIO is used most of the time by itself, and has a wicking material to pull moisture away to help prevent rashes.  The “pocket” allows for a second insert to be added for more coverage. But the best part? You don’t have to pull it out before dumping it in your wet bag. WIN WIN!

She’s loving the 1 she had, and I think we’re going to try one as well. And yes, I think I have a cloth-diaper obsession….For those wondering, so far we’ve spent $400 for all the cloth diapers we’ve purchased.  If we make the switch to the Ones & Twos, I will be selling the entire gDiaper stash so it won’t be adding to our total cost.  And they’re “one-size” so it’ll grow with Aubrey.  And be available for #2 – down the line.


  1. Danielle says

    I don’t pull the inserts out of my pockets. I just throw them in the wash and they come out on their own. If they don’t come out, then I just pull them out after the cold prewash.

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