Potluck – Hit Dish!

A few months ago, Jon had his first potluck at his work.  But, I was going to be out of town then ight before, so he went for an old standby – salami with cream cheese topped with pepperocinis, rolled & toothpick’d.  I had them at a party eons ago and loved them – and bring those cuz they’re easy to make, easy to eat.

But, sadly, someone ELSE had that recipe!!! He was so sad. He instead went and bought cheese & crackers. Boo.  But he said next time I won’t be in town and I have to make the uber awesome bruschetta a la Julie & Julia.  So, I said ok.

Then, the day before the potluck, he reminded me. Oh crap.  I went to Trader Joes and they did NOT have the heirloom tomatoes!! I did buy the package of basil there – you get so much for such a gret deal! So then I checked out our new local Sprouts. Except they only had 3 heirloom ones. Sigh.

I ended up buying those three, plus a handful of roma tomatoes & vine-ripened tomatoes.  In the end it worked out the same. I liked having the green to make it more colorful than just red. We also tried something different with toasting the bread. Much easier…See below! So bookmark this and make it for your next pot luck!

**for the bread – Cut into slices (we did smaller this time – 1/2″) lay on a cookie sheet, drizzle with EVOO (you might want to try placing your thumb over the top of it to control the flow) and stick in an oven (@450 degrees).  Take them out when they’re light brown. About 7-10 min.

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