Poshmark – sell your closet!

We live in a time where almost anything can be done from your smartphone. One of those things is selling items from your closet. MJ told me about Poshmark earlier this spring and I loved the concept – an easy app to upload & sell items directly from your phone! Right now you can only use the app if you have an iPhone. Within a few minutes, you can take multiple photos of your item, include the title, description, size, and price. Whenever anyone wants to purchase your item, they will do it through the app and you’ll receive an email with the shipping label and that’s it. It’s incredible! It’s also a community where you can follow the closets of others and search key terms. They also have parties where there are specific themes or feature certain designers. You can post any of your relevant items into the party and have it featured during the party, but it also remains in the party for others to view after it ends. If you sign up, enter the code HBEAW to get an instant $5 credit!

Below are some of the items currently in my closet. And see that yellow chevron box? You can throw your own special sales & deals from time to time. This one is expired but follow me for any other sales I post!


Poshmark - Melissa_Dell

Poshmark - Melissa_Dell (2)

Below is a screenshot of what it looks like when you create a listing. Super easy!

Poshmark - Melissa_Dell (3)

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