Pool Dates – Reducing Stress and Increasing Fun

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I’ve been realizing, lately, that our family has been filling up our calendar faster than ever.  I suppose it’s due to having 3 kids of different ages and a large extended family.  Some weekends Jon and I are just looking to find some sort of relaxation time but it’s super hard to come by.  After a few different babymoons where we anticipate long days with lots of naps – we realized what we crave is quiet pool time.  Whether we’ve gone to Palm Springs or Playa del Rey – the time we spend around the pool is what helps reconnect us.

But, with 3 kids, heading to the pool as a family is not the relaxing type of environment because our kids don’t know how to swim – yet.  Every time we’re invited to anywhere with a pool for a play date, I freeze up and instantly want to say no.  I’ll be honest – we had a brief scare last year and my mama brain started spiraling out of control wondering how things could have ended up a lot worst.  For the past two summers, we’d been wanting to get the kids full trained on how to swim but life happens and it was pushed off to the next summer.

learn to swim day

But this year, it’s different. This year, they’re learning.  So, last week Ryan and I walked to our HOA pool to get the big kids signed up for swim lessons.  It’s a great amenity our HOA offers and we are taking full advantage.  The 3rd Saturday of May (May 20th this year) is National Learn To Swim Day.  It was started back in 2012 by SwimWays to help educate parents and kids about water safety and the importance and benefits of learning to swim.

Many of my friends, over the past few years, have shared their experiences with water safety and the types of lessons offered.  I remember taking swim lessons back when I was in Kindergarten and the one thing I never wanted to do was dive down to pick up those sinking sticks at the pool floor.  But, I’m sure those lessons helped calm my mama’s heart since the pools we visited for family never had gates like most do now.

learn to swim day

We were first in line and got our first choice time slot for Aubrey and Luke.  They’ll start lessons in June and until then, we will be using the utmost caution when it comes to pool play dates.  Two of our close friends just moved into homes with pools and we had our first get together of the summer with a short swim afternoon.  Remember how I said earlier that I get extremely stressed out around pools and the kids?

It’s a higher level of stress at the start of summer since I don’t know how the kids will respond with the water. Since last year’s scare, neither of our kids had been in a pool. So this first pool day, Luke was pretty scared to get in.  He asked how deep the pool was and asked if I remembered that last time. Once he got in, and wearing a pool floaty to help keep him safe, he was like a fish in his natural habitat.  Aubrey was her usual self – not wanting to get her face wet.  And this was Ryan’s first time back in.  He had gone for a dip last year but he was so small he had no idea what was going on.

learn to swim day - swimways baby swim raft

He was not thrilled.

learn to swim day - swimways baby swim raft

I knew he’d love being in the pool since he’s a huge water baby in the bathtub.  And I knew I’d love it since he was safe with me at his side in the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy.  And guess what?  After a little bit of time, he was having a blast. The mesh area around him gave him just enough water to splash with his hands and we adjusted the canopy to give him some great sun protections (UPF 50+ baby!!)

learn to swim day - swimways baby swim raft

We were at our friends for a few hours and I forgot how much relaxing can happen when you’re not worried about your kids falling in – when you’re a bit more prepared and ensuring that everyones always safe with a floatation device and you’re within arm’s reach.  It gives me hope that as our temperatures rise in Southern California, we can escape to the pools of our friends (and our own) to just get in the water and have some fun.

learn to swim day - swimways baby swim raft

And pretty soon, I’ll have two fish without floaties and one big kid moving his way up from the Step 1 SwimWays float to Step 2 and 3 that will aide in more water safety and exposure to swimming.  You can stop by Target on your way to the next swim party to grab the many different stages of SwimWays Training devices (and something for you at the Dollar Spot!)

When you think of a pool play date – what’s your honest first reaction??

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