Playful Planet – Storyland Yoga {review}

Disclosure: I received a copy of the Playful Planet Storyland Yoga DVD in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine.

With 2 under 2, there are a lot of days that are spent indoors because of opposite nap times for Luke and Aubrey.  Like today, for example. Aubrey was up at 6:30am, Luke too. He went back to sleep around 7:45 until 10:30, then both went down around 12:45.  He woke up at 1:30 and she’s still sleeping. When she wakes up, he’ll be  back asleep.  So, we never leave. Oh and it’s also about 95* outside here in Southern California.  Even though we’re inside a lot, I still want to find things for her to keep her happy, healthy & moving!

When I got the opportunity to try out a Yoga DVD, I thought it’d be a great option for us to get some of Aubrey’s “sillies” (aka, energy) out before bed time or nap time.  The Storyland Yoga DVD is for ages 3-8 but I figured with my assistance, we could try parts of it out.  Ahmed is the instructor and he takes the kids on a journey.  This journey also requires them to mimic animals’ moves or walk around to search for items.  We watched the Condor Trek and one of the first things they do (after finding some Condor eggs) is get on their bicycles and ride.  Aubrey knows what a bike is, but I helped her lean back to pedal with her feet & legs.  It was pretty comical as she was doing it, but also saying “kick kick!” at the same time.  Sure baby girl, kick away.

Playful Planet - Storyland Yoga Review - MelissaDell

During the DVD, the screen switches between camera shots of Ahmed and the kids going through the different yoga positions, as well as to some animated scenes of the story scenes.  Aubrey watched the children and Ahmed as they went and slowly moved away from the big angry bear and enjoyed the crocodile.  (She called it an alligator but hey, at least she knew it wasn’t a monkey!) The children did great job on the poses and I know Aubrey will enjoy “playing” along as we spend more indoor time and as she gets older.

The other story on the DVD is Save the Whale.  Honestly I can’t wait to see this, except I need to first locate the DVD remote.  It never made it in Aubrey’s room when we moved & unpacked, and I couldn’t figure out how to get the menu to select that one. Whoops.  But I have a feeling she’ll enjoy that as she LOVES ocean creatures!

You can purchase the Storyland Yoga DVD directly from Playful Planet‘s website. The DVD is $14.99 for both stories, or you can get a digital download for $3.99 per story.  Great option if you’re on the go and want it for your tablet!  Feel free to follow along on Twitter & Facebook!


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