Pinterest to Reality {Nail Polish Rack}

My cousin, Cyndi, is a Pinterest-a-holic.  But, unlike me, she actually executes her pins.  She has a tremendous board on nail manicure designs she’s done, nail manicure ideas she wants to tackle, and a slew of DIY craft projects to complete.  One of the pins she had been dying to tackle (with the help of her handy husband) was this Nail Polish Rack.  So, here’s most of the process of the rack, as completed by her husband, Jeff.

DIY Nail Polish Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack 2

DIY Nail Polish Rack 3

DIY Nail Polish Rack 4

DIY Nail Polish Rack 5

DIY Nail Polish Rack 6

Isn’t it awesome!  The rack she had before was a tiny one from Target that smooshed all the polish together.  Now, with all this lovely space, she’s able to store each color with ample space, just like at the nail salon!

Almost makes me want to tackle one of my many pinned recipes (and decor).  Are you on Pinterest? Have you created anything from something you pinned? Was it Awesome or Tragic?


  1. Created By Cyndi says

    Jeff is not going to be thrilled about being the “face” of my fabulous Polish Display Rack, but I’m very excited about being published as an inspiration to you, my amazingly crafty cousin <3 Thx for the props!

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