Pinning All The Pumpkin Things

A few weeks ago, Pinterest started popping up with all things pumpkin.  Well, maybe it was actually around the 4th of July since Pinners are 3-4 months ahead of the game, always.  I pinned 2 recipes that were pumpkin based – Pumpkin Oat Balls from Molly with Stilettos and Diapers and a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) Syrup from A Beautiful Mess.  And during one grocery store trip, I remembered to actually buy Pumpkin Puree (as well as the oats for the balls).

Before I went back to work, I decided it was time to dive in and make all the pumpkin things.  I started out with Molly’s POBs and enlisted the help from Aubrey.  I wish I grabbed some photos of her helping but I was busy and things were a bit messy.  Here’s the tweaks I made to her recipe (mainly because I did not have all the items).

I only added the chocolate chips and also raisins.  I used regular syrup but added an extra tbsp of pumpkin puree.  My puree was also the pre-seasoned kind (meaning it has all the spices she lists in her recipe) but I added a tbsp of brown sugar because I felt it needed to be sweeter. Sue me.

Aubrey and I love these things.  I know the oats might also help with my milk supply.  Jon tried it too and he said they were ok. I don’t think he’s as big of a fan of pumpkin as I am. Oh well, his loss :)

Later that day, I decided to tackle the PSL syrup.  I read the instructions, and made a few tweaks.  I added 1/2 the amount of spices she lists since, again, my puree already them mixed in. I didn’t have cinnamon sticks so I just used ground cinnamon.  Next time I will also use less granulated sugar.  I’d probably do 1 cup, and here’s why – I let that sucker simmer for over an hour.  I don’t know why she calls it a syrup when she says to just lightly simmer for 5-7 minutes.  At that point, it’s just flavored water.  With the reduction of the liquid, it allowed for the sugar to be more prominent. I tasted it after about 45 minutes and decided I needed more pumpkin.  I added 2 huge tbsps and I think it has a great flavor.  Since it simmered so long, and I did not have cinnamon sticks, I just poured the syrup directly into a container to store.

If you want to know how long to simmer the liquid, it should easily coat the back of the spoon and have a syrup texture.  That night I needed to work on the Bling Mixer and decided, at 8:45 at night, to make a PSL.  I brewed some coffee since we don’t have an espresso maker (or, it’s in storage. I don’t really know) and used Vanilla Almond Milk.

Heat about 1″ of milk in the microwave for 35 seconds.  Use some sort of frother. Make sure to lift it up and down (still keeping submerged) to get a lot of air into it.

Pinning All The Pumpkin Things


Add your PSL syrup. I added 2 tbsp initially, and once all combined, tasted and added more. It’s really to your preference.

Pinning All The Pumpkin Things


Pour your coffee or espresso into it

Pinning All The Pumpkin Things


Hit it with the frother just a tad more to make sure the coffee & PSL syrup are mixed.

Pinning All The Pumpkin Things





  1. says

    I was only just introduced to the amazingness that is the PSL this Fall … ummmmm, and now there’s a recipe to make my own? My thighs will never be the same. ::sigh::

  2. Maribel Reyes says

    OMG! I can make my own PSL at home!!!!! Yay!!! thank you for this…Now to go on a scavenger hunt for the syrup… all over Costa Rica!

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