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When Jon and I got married, our families already had the traditions for holidays and what we did.  We always talked about hosting one of the days at our place, but our homes never had enough space. Our “small” family get togethers can easily be 30 people.  With moving into our new house, my mom asked if we were up to having everyone over for Easter. SURE!! And you know what that means? We get to throw our first Egg Hunt!  I remember doing those as a kid and loved it.  We also learned to not use real eggs. Better to have the fun plastic ones with treats inside so if one is not found – not a big deal.

Since we’re having so many folks over, and about 5-7 kids, I really wanted to do something special for them.  I loved getting Easter baskets with all the fun candy I loved.  One of my favorite treats were chocolate covered marshmallows.  And, totally aging myself, but back when I was a kid PEEPS were only the plain sugar variety, in yellow, and didn’t have any of the fun friends they have now.

Not Just A Yellow Chick - PEEPSonality

Do you see all those amazing things PEEPS sent me??? I have been displaying such super-hero strength in refraining from opening any of it.  I did sneak open one of the regular packs because I couldn’t resist.  And I’m so glad that they have taken the love of the marshmallow peeps and dipped them in chocolate.  That dark chocolate one is mine. ALL MINE!!   And I totally tried to be all sorts of awesome and create a fun treat with the package of peeps I opened. But then I wrote this to explain why that was not going to happen.  (Ps feel free to “like” the fan page after you’re done reading that update!)  So instead, Follow the hashtag on Instagram to see what truly crafty people did with their Peeps.  Search #PEEPSonality.  And check out these fun facts on PEEPS!

Not Just A Yellow Chick - PEEPSonality

 Thank you, PEEPS, for providing such a great assortment for me to share with the kids for our first Easter celebration at home! 

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