Paw Patrol Cardboard Vehicles

Every year at the kids’ preschool, they host a Father’s Day drive in movie extravaganza.  The dads work with the kids to turn ordinary cardboard boxes into cars, trucks, planes, or even hover crafts.   Aubrey’s first year Jon did a regular truck.  Her second year he created Marshall’s (from Paw Patrol)  fire truck.  This year he had two to create since both kids now attend the preschool.  He asked them what they wanted and of course they said Paw Patrol!

paw patrol rocky's trash truck

Jon did most of the work since this year he went and used spray paint instead of wrapping the boxes in wrapping paper. We also had to put our heads together to figure out the best way to make Zuma’s Hovercraft vehicle.  I came up with the idea to use some of the wrapping paper that comes in my Scentsy shipments and wrap it inside a disposable black wrapping paper.  I think it worked perfectly!

Cardboard Box Vehicles - Rocky's Trash Truck and Zuma's Hovercraft Jon used a lot of PVC pipe to create working parts.  Aubrey’s hovercraft had a back wheel to spin around and a front steering wheel.  Luke had a lever to move up and down the forks and we later added a front steering wheel too (because, Aubrey had one). paw patrol rocky's trash truck This little guy was SO EXCITED for his trash truck!!! The school year has been adjusted to match up with the public schools around us so they bumped up the Father’s day celebration at preschool.  They invited all the dads for a “car show” and some ice cream with loads of toppings!


Each class created signs for the dads! Aubrey’s class was a baseball theme but with all the wind it came down before I could grab a photo.

paw patrol Zuma's Hovercraft

Jon and all 3 kids. Aubrey & Luke with their medals.

We also saw Chase’s police car and I think Sky’s airplane also made an appearance.  It was super windy at school so some of the cars had impromptu drag races. 🙂

We always bring back the vehicles and the kids play with them until the boxes are so beat up.  Last year Aubrey’s fire truck lasted a good month. I’m not sure if these will last just as long.  But the amount of imagination they bring out in Aubrey and Luke is priceless!

paw patrol rocky's trash truck

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