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This post was sponsored by Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Every girl needs a good pamper session before heading out – whether it’s with the girls, the husband, or, a bunch of strangers. Strangers?? Eh sort of.  Remember how I ventured down to San Diego and drove around in some cool cars?  Do you remember one of the photos at the end of the night? No? ok hold on.

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Earlier that day, before my 3+ hour drive to San Diego, I got a little pamper session in to get my makeup done and to turn my not-so-tan legs looking like a million bucks. (ok, possibly slight exaggeration).

I set up an appointment through my phone with Priv and Alison showed up with her bag of tricks and got to work.

Pamper Sessions On The Go - Sally Hansen and Priv

I explained I wanted something a little more fancy than an every day look, but not too overdone.  She walked me through the different products she used and I think I might have found the next eyebrow product to use! Pamper Sessions On The Go - Sally Hansen and Priv

The entire makeup application was about 30-40 minutes.  I was having too much fun enjoying the quiet so I never checked the time.  I love that my makeup stayed put after so much time and activities.

Pamper Sessions On The Go - Sally Hansen and Priv

Through the Priv app – you can select beauty services AND even massages.  That’s what I want next time! Alison also brought Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup at the end and showed me her pro tip on applying at home.

Pamper Sessions On The Go - Sally Hansen and Priv

Spray directly in your palms and apply to legs.  Best application method is applying directly on skin that has not been previously moisturized. This was my first time using Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup so I didn’t know.  But I found out that my lotion didn’t have any impact on the wear-time of it.

Pamper Sessions On The Go - Sally Hansen and Priv

Rub rub rub.  Once it’s been applied, Alison’s pro tip is to use a dense brush (like a kabuki one) and swirl around legs to reduce any potential signs of the application when you rubbed it on.

Pamper Sessions On The Go - Sally Hansen and Priv

I have never used this before and honestly I don’t really enjoy wearing skirts during the summer because I’m not always able to spend time outside in the sun (hello life with 3 kids).  It’s crazy and chaotic and even though it’s the end of summer – my legs aren’t tan and they actually have quite a range of colors since I have some unknown bruises from bumping into things around the house.  Again – life with 3 kids.

I was so impressed with my legs!  After Alison was done applying, my legs were evenly-toned with color and looking awesome! And, because I was staying in a hotel that night, I was honestly a little nervous to see what the sheets looked like in the morning.  You know how the hotels rock the crisp white linens like no ones business.  The next morning – NOTHING!  I didn’t see any color rub-off.  And because Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup is not a self-tanner, the leg makeup came off in the shower with soap and water!

My cousin and another friend told me how they use this often and I will  too.  Especially in winter for Jon’s holiday work party!


When was the last time you got a little pamper session in? Where were you going??


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