Overcoming One Thanksgiving Dish

I remember growing up and watching in awe as my mom cooked.  She cooked all the time. And while my sister and I always complained (Chicken agaaaaaaaain) I always asked when I would need to learn to cook. Or, how would I learn to cook.  My mom said all I had to do was ask, and time flew by and I moved out and I really didn’t know much.  Sure, I could make a mean bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese, but that can’t sustain me for very long.  I never experimented but there was one time, I did.

And it was a stupid idea.  Why? Because since then, I’ve learned, never EVER experiment with a dish for a big family (holiday) gathering.  It’s better to just screw it up at home and run for takeout that have to face the mocking of family…for years to come.  Yes, even today I’m the butt of jokes regarding the use of a crockpot to make a family favorite.  Canned ham.

Oh now remember how I said my mom would teach me?  Well, pretty sure she did try to tell me it wasn’t a great idea. But I’m stubborn folks!  And so, I woke up that morning, with my canned ham in the fridge, plopped it in the crockpot, and lord knows what else I put in it.  But after several hours, IT WAS DISGUSTING.

It was so bad only one person in our family was brave enough to try it.  Sadly, he’s no longer with us after a freak accident, but we never laughed so hard that holiday.  No one wanted to even TOUCH the ham.  I believe my uncle took it upon himself to carry it to the trash.  But it was gross.

Which is why everyone still mocks me about my ham, still mocks me if I tell them about any dish I am about to make in my crockpot, and who can blame them.  That was the worst idea I have had in the kitchen.


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    LOL! That reminds me of the time we spent Thanksgiving with our cousins in New Jersey. My cousin was in her 20’s and was really excited because she had a new boyfriend. She was invited over for dessert and decided to bake an apple pie. She baked two, actually, one for us to eat and one to take to the boyfriend’s house. So, she left for the evening and we all sat down for dessert. We cut up the pie she made and it was NASTY! Totally gross. We all kind of died because we knew she took the other pie over to the boyfriend’s house… to impress his parents. Never did find out what happened… but they DID eventually get married.

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