Outlet Shopping

We’re lucky enough to live about an hour away from some pretty awesome outlets.  It’s a 3 section outlet with tons of stores and deals to be found.  I headed out there Labor Day Weekend with MJ because, we figured, there would be awesome sales for us to score! We met out there and saw it was so crowded, we had to park on a side street. No problem! We started off at Michael Kors, Juicy, and Kate Spade and saw some great items.  The sales weren’t too fab at these locations, but MJ did score some nice items. I snapped some pics of things along the way. I went home with a striped knit and a striped light weight sweatshirt.  I failed in what I WAS looking for – a new MK Purse or watch and a dress for a wedding.  Oops.

Outlets - JCrew

At JCrew – the infamous Bauble necklaces were there in Blue, Orange & Red.  I did also spy a black one on a mannequin in the window.  All jewelry was 30% off. But it seemed to be the original price of $88. Yikes. No Deal!

PacSun 1

Then we ended up at PacSun. I hadn’t stepped foot in one in ages.  This is where I found the 2 items I purchased, but man, was there a lot of odd stuff.  I am not so sure of this Reckless brand but there was just tons of stuff with that name on it.  The top beanies (mainly the right one) reminds me of an ’84 olympic beanie Jon has….

PacSun 2

They also were running a BOGO 50% off at PacSun. Awesome right? Except one thing – You couldn’t mix guys/girls items. So if you wanted to be nice and get something for your man, you had to be UBER nice and get him 2 things. And then 2 for you 😮

After the outlets, I was pretty bummed. I’ve never had such a disappointing experience.  I looked up Nordstrom Rack on my phone, and saw there was one on my way home. I swung by there, and was pleasantly surprised that it was next to a TJ Maxx. SCORE! Except, not so much. Both places didn’t have any thing I was looking for. And I didn’t feel like looking for any other items.

How do you do at outlets? Do you usually find some awesome deals? Or should we all just stick with online shopping sales?

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