Keeping the Kids Entertained – Our #DisneySide party

Do you remember your first Super Bowl Party? I don’t remember the exact one, but I do remember going, as a kid, and just being bored.  We paid attention to commercials, enjoyed the food, and lived for the football squares to win some dollars.  Each year, same thing.

So with our first Super Bowl Party, we wanted to keep it small, but fun for the kids.  We invited some families from church, and I let them know it WOULD be kid friendly!  We received a super awesome#DisneySide box for activities with the kids and I had fun throwing together a small themed party for them.  I had so much fun working on Luke’s first birthday with all the Ninja Turtle stuff but we didn’t have a party for Aubrey. It was definitely time!

DisneySide Party | Kids are funny creatures.  Get them together, and you have no idea what they’ll eat.  We went with an easy menu for them.  I made the pasta salad that I love from KindaSillyMommy (it’s so easy & you make it ahead of time!) DisneySide Party | Ooooh Toodles Pasta Salad I also cooked up some Pizza Bagels and Taquitos for them.  One of the other families brought a fruit salad and the kids enjoyed that too.  Best tip for throwing a party? Make it a simple potluck! We supplied the main meal (Crock Pot Shredded Pork) and some appetizers.  Another family brought dessert! DisneySide Party | DisneySide Party | The swing set has been such a great source of entertainment and helps promote great naps!  Anyways, after some play time, we got to the fun activities that came in our #DisneySide box! First up was a Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon for the daughters & moms! DisneySide Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon DisneySide Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon DisneySide Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon DisneySide Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon DisneySide Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon Once the girls were all painted up, we played a really fun game.  So, full disclosure – all the items came were Mickey Mouse.  We love the mouse, but I wanted to have Minnie at our party. SO, I used some gold Sharpie marker and some extra paper to turn all our Mickeys into Minnies 🙂 DisneySide Party | Make Minnie Smile DisneySide Party | Make Minnie Smile DisneySide Party | Make Minnie Smile The girls had  lot of fun and they all put them in pretty much the same spot, just higher for some of them.  We had double sided tape on the back of each smile so it stuck easily. And you might be thinking, what did Luke do?  Luke was fully content sitting on a football and eating food. Don’t believe me? I got proof! DisneySide Party He’s so cute.  We also set up a color station but the kids mainly played on the swing set and then started eating, so we had to clear this spot. DisneySide Party And dessert.  Can’t forget dessert! DisneySide Party We used one of the Wilton tins shaped like Mickey to make this gigantic Rice Krispy treat!  I lined some areas with mini chocolate chips to show some color and I think the trick to the perfect Rice Krispy treat is adding more mini marshmallows after everything is fully mixed in.  It was so gooey. I literally ate half of it.  Seriously.  I can’t have this in my house anymore! You might realize this post is missing something.  No mention of the game.  That’s right.  We had the best of intentions and brought out one of our TVs outside to have it on.  But playing with the kids, and feeding them, and painting nails resulted in only catching the Halftime show.  The kids really loved watching Katy Perry and Luke was having a great time dancing to the music.  I did remember to TiVo the game and caught all the commercials after the kids went to bed.  It was a fun day, long day, but I was happy to see all the kids have so much fun 🙂

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