Our Breastfeeding Update – 1 month in

Ryan is 1 month old and I’m here to update everyone on our breastfeeding journey!  You recall I had stocked up on all my breastfeeding essentials here.  I forgot to bring the lanolin to the hospital but Jon grabbed it on his first trip home. I religiously applied it after each feeding.  Since I was using the disposable Medela breast pads (available on Amazon), I wasn’t afraid of it leaving behind any greasy residue to reusable pads.  My milk came in about 3-4 days in and it seemed a lot quicker than last time.  Because Ryan was so small and his new stomach doesn’t handle/need a ton of food in the early days, I was nursing him on one side and using my Medela Harmony hand pump on the other (Amazon).  I was able to get a small stockpile in our freezer to test out a bottle for him too!


Ryan at Aubrey’s preschool Christmas Show

By day 4 or 5 (really, it’s all a blur) I was starting to hurt.  Each feeding I was wondering if I should bust out the nipple shields (Amazon), but I said “one more feeding.”  Before I knew it, I made it over the hump and I still have the unopened package of it.  I really attribute this to the constant application of the Lanolin (Amazon)!

Once I got over that hump, I had almost used up all the disposable pads.  I needed to purchase reusable nursing pads and found myself visiting a somewhat local Etsy seller (and found out she’s a friend of a friend) – Baby Greeters. I was initially looking for suck pads for my new Lillebaby carrier but also saw they sold nursing pads.  I bought a 4 pack and have since then also purchased these organic Bamboo nursing pads from Amazon.

I’ve noticed I leak WAY MORE than I had with either Aubrey or Luke.  I used to be able to have a pad last me most of the waking hours.  Now I notice that whichever pad I use, I’m going through 2 or 3 sets a day. YIKES!  I find myself reaching for the  bamboo pads during the day and the Baby Greeters at night. Why? Not sure – but it’s just what I do.

I currently have 12 sets total I cycle through.  We have 1 month down on nursing and I hope to continue as long as I did with both kids (about a year).  I’ve only used my nursing cover once as I’m mainly home and don’t need to cover up around anyone here.  That also brings up lots of fun conversations with the kids.  Luke wonders why I have 3 belly buttons. LOL.

Anyways, I hope if you’re finding this post you are able to use some of these items to help lengthen your breast feeding journey! I’m on Instagram (@Melissa_Dell) and Twitter (@Melissa_Dell) so feel free to pop in if you have any questions!


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    I felt like I leaked a lot more and for longer the second time as well. I don’t know if it was because Jack was a much bigger baby so we demanded more or if my body was just better at producing since it was a repeat. One of life’s great mysteries. It was so bad, I could never use the reusable nursing pads.

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