One Pot Baby Food


Luke has been doing really well with trying purees. You might recall I had been struggling getting him to eat anything beyond puffs. But my persistence paid off, and something flipped, and now he actually enjoys the different purees I’ve been buying at the store.  But, that gets expensive REAL fast.  So I decided last week to make some more baby food – as his stock of frozen sweet potatoes & Gala apples was almost gone.  So I hit up the store, threw a bunch of veggies in the cart, and left.



I had every intention of making each item separately for him to try out. I mean, he’s 10 months but he’s still not used to many things.  But, the food pouches I’ve been buying from the store are mixed.  And then I realized how long ago I had bought the items and had a “oh crap” moment and needed to make them all at once.  Except I didn’t have a lot of time.  So what did I do? I threw all of the items into a steamer basket and steamed on a medium/high heat for 20 minutes.

In the pot I threw carrots, halved apples (skin to come off later), brocolli (including stems) and parsnip.  When it came time to blend, I used my amazing Beaba Babycook I had with Aubrey to puree it all up. (note, if you click that link, it will direct you to the product from Target.  It is an affiliate link so if you buy from it, a small commission is credited to me to help pay for the costs of running my site. So thanks!)  Anyways, so I scooped half the cooked veggies out, pureed it, and it came out perfect! I had Luke try it out and he seemed to like it.  It was a good mix of earthy greens but a bit of sweet from the apple.  I scooped out servings into a regular ice cube tray and off to the freezer it went.

I kind of like this easy approach to throw everything in at once to cook.  I think I’ll go pat myself on the back 😉

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