One Month Update – Post Plagiocephaly Helmet Journey

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So, I realized (after someone messaged me on Facebook at the start of their Plagiocephaly journey) that I never did an official blog update once Ryan’s treatment concluded.  I had shared on Facebook & Instagram, but now, here I am, one month later, providing an official update.

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

When we went to Ryan’s second to last appointment, they mentioned that he could be graduating the next time.  At that point, he had the helmet on for 6 weeks and I was shocked that it would be over so quickly.  With his fitting for the helmet, they anticipated 12 weeks because of the timing of when he’d have it put on.  Typically, the baby’s heads form so quickly up till about 6 months, and then it starts to slow down.  They suggest having the helmet put on prior to 5 months old, and we missed that by about 2 weeks.

Call me a realist, but I didn’t want to get excited about the idea of Ryan finishing up early. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment, even though I could tell during his 1 hour breaks that there was such a huge improvement.  My mom went with me for the potential final appointment where they would do the full photo scan like they did for his fitting.

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

From one appointment to the next – Cranial Technologies in Pasadena purchased this awesome activity truck! (affiliate link – Amazon – KidKraft Activity Truck) It’s on our possible Christmas gift list!

We got him undressed down to his diaper and went into the room where the 5 cameras are set up.

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

Us acting goofy after his photo scan.  The cap he’s wearing helps to keep all the little baby hairs & ears from distracting the true photograph of his head shape. You’ll see in the following photos how this helps!

After the scan we went in the waiting room and he received his first diploma!

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

His tech said that he was so improved that they were confident he was ready to graduate and no longer need to wear the DOC band.  I was so happy!  She then proceeded to share with us some side-by-side comparisons from his first imaging scan to the one that day.

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

It’s crazy to see how much change happened in such a short time.  His head is not perfectly symmetrical, but it’s super close – which is how all of us are!  She explained the symmetry that now occurs with his eyes, cheeks, mouth and ears and also the volume that came for the front/forehead part of his skull.

Night and day, right?  I’m so glad that we went through this process.  At first it was honestly for vanity – to make sure he didn’t have a misshaped head.  But after going to the consultation, we learned how much the asymmetry can affect him throughout the rest of his life – difficulty wearing hats/helmets and glasses, respiratory problems, vision problems.  It’s crazy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.  I spoke with someone ahead of our fitting and asked her a lot of questions.  I think it helped to lower my fear & anxiety with the process. I like to know things.  I’ve met a few other moms online and I am so willing to talk more!  Thank you for all your support and if you found this because of your little one’s upcoming journey – be strong! It’s harder on you than it is on him! I promise 🙂

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey


  1. says

    Thank you SO much for sharing. I have always had this fear of those helmets and my husband wanted to get one for our youngest as he had a bit of a flat part on the back of his head, but the doc said he didn’t need one. I think it’s so important to share these vulnerable things. I know so many moms that have had questions about the helmets, me included, and it’s important to talk about things like this.

    • says

      yes I never realized how much it can impact so many other things (the flat parts). I’ve loved moms finding me on instagram and through my blog to ask me questions since I did the same before Ryan got fitted for his!

  2. Danielle says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m in the beginning stages of the DOC band journey with my baby girl now. We are going to her 2nd appt tomorrow afternoon for the fitting images. And then a week later we go in to pick up her band. We are also going to Cranial Technologies. I hope and pray that my daughters journey is as smooth and quick as it was for your son! It was the same for me, when her dr mentioned that she needed a cranial eval I thought it was mostly cosmetic. But when I saw her 3D images and learned how much damage it was actually causing, I knew it was far more than cosmetic and it had to be done. My heart breaks when I think about not being able to smother her precious little head with kisses all day long like I do now. But I know it’s for the best for her. It’s hard being a mommy lol! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, stories like yours make me feel so much better and ease my anxiety so much. And by the way, your son is absolutely adorable! He looked so precious with his band on too! ❤️

    • says

      aww thank you for finding this post and i’m glad that you’re seeking treatment for her! I know not kissing his forehead was the hardest! One adjustment that I forgot to mention was feeding (if you’re nursing). I used a burp rag between my arm and the helmet cuz it was pretty uncomfortable. (especially with the side that has the buckle). Good luck tomorrow! (today!)

  3. Sara Hubbard says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! We just found out on Tuesday that our sweet little guy needs a helmet, and I’ve been so worried about it. It definitely feels isolating…I know only one friend whose baby had a helmet, and that was 5+ years ago. I am so glad the process worked so quickly for you! That’s what we’re hoping for as well. 23 hours a day just seems like a crazy amount of time, but of course we will do whatever he needs! Thank you again for sharing, and for making a mama like me feel not so alone!

    • says

      it’s crazy how you will come across so many babies & families during & after treatment! And yes, I was very overwhelmed with the thought of ALL day. But it goes quickly. And every now and then I come across photos on my phone (or the site here) of him in the helmet and it just feels like a lifetime ago! My niece needed one as well and because of Ryan’s – my sister started seeing the signs early and so she started the process for a referral and consultation. She painted my nieces and it was so cute!

      Good luck to you and please message me on Instagram if you have any questions! – @melissa_dell (there’s another mom who just found me too and her son started treatment a week or so ago).

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