omg way too hot up here

I don’t know where you live.  But here, where I live, it’s been a scorcherous few days.  I refuse to go outside. I might melt. I’ve tried to find the shadiest spots in our parking lot – but that’s a bit difficult in the afternoon as there’s only 2.  But I have figured out the fastest way to cool down my car. Before I pull out of the shady spot, crank the ac in the defrost vents only as high as it will go and it’ll blow all the hot air out. Then I change it to the face vents, and leave the shade.

LUCKILY it’ll drop down to the 70s by sunday! Gotta love so cal!  But today I wanted to send out a quick post for some wordpress theme options that I learned about from my dear friend Katrina – who has used them a few times, Themeforest!

I have been working on moving my business site from blogger to wordpress, as well as design a new {and actual} site.  I wanted to design a site, and then realized that’s way too much work. So I purchased a theme and have been working slowly to change the existing one into what I want. I am hoping to launch everything new for my anniversary – which is fitting as it celebrates the first cake topper I ever did!

So, if you have wordpress and want an updated blog, with gallery, portfolio, etc, check them out!

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