Olive Oil Face {beauty}

Ok, you can stop laughing now. I read a post from Don’t Quote the Raven about one of her beauty regime secrets? She’s a friend of Bre’s and I read her blog post about the chicken costume she wore while picking up Bre from the airport. Anyways, I was intrigued by her use of olive oil. So, you recall I like to try things out (with my 30 day face series) and so I thought , why not.


Day 0: No pics taken. but did wash my face at night, and applied a light coating of olive oil. Was slightly messy. Got some all over the sink (oops). I put it on about 30 min before bed and with the way I sleep, I didn’t worry much about getting it on my pillow case. I didn’t want to tell Jon what I was up to (he was engrossed with a NFL documentary about the 49ers) but I did have to tell him at bed because sometimes he likes to touch my face before sleeping. And I said NOOOOOO. And he asked why. This was the convo (sharing cuz it’s funny).

J: Why can’t I touch your face?”

M: I’ve got stuff on it.

J: What are you doing now?

M: It’s only for 7 days. I read about it on a blog. So, I’m gonna try it.

J: How much did you spend?

M: Nothing.

J: Ok, who did you trade with?

M: No one.

J: Where did you get this from?

M: (giggles)

J: What??

M: You’re not asking me the right question.

J: Ok, so what am I supposed to ask.

M: “What’s on your face?”

J: So….

M: (giggles) Olive Oil. DON’T TELL ANYONE!


Oh man. So, I told him I will be posting about it, but not till it’s done. I wanted to give it a full 7 days. and well, here we are.

Morning 1

Olive Oil Face - MelissaDell.com - Beauty 2

Olive Oil Face - MelissaDell.com - Beauty 2

I am not blessed with gorgeous skin while pregnant. Even after pregnancy it is bad. I have the same trouble spot on my lower jaw like I did during my 30 days face post. This morning all the olive oil residue was gone. I do know it was there for awhile cuz I kept waking up from all my awesome pregnancy dreams. My skin felt a lot softer. I’m hoping towards the end of the week, after showers I’ll not feel that immediate need to put on moisturizer stat (we have extremely hard water that is awful for skin).

Morning 2

 Olive Oil Face - MelissaDell.com - Beauty 3

 Olive Oil Face - MelissaDell.com - Beauty 4

No miraculous changes during day 2. I got better at applying the olive oil – didn’t spill as much around the sink.  Jon is still laughing at me while going to bed. After applying, I’m not sure I’m adding enough. Some spots seem to soak it up more. I mean, I know it’s winter and my skin is super dry & thirsty.

Morning 3

 Olive Oil Face - MelissaDell.com - Beauty 5

Ignore the lovely hair drying towel. Side note – do you have one? I love this one. I’ve had it forever and have tried a few made out of other materials but this just works best (it’s sort of like a shamwow feeling cloth – not too terry cloth, not too microfiber kind).   I keep waiting for this to make my zits magically disappear. Not working for that. But it still feels soft in the morning! And after my shower 🙂

Morning 4

No photo for you. Good reason why.

So, this time around I applied the olive oil a different way. I poured it in my hand, then used my fingers to brush it on. I felt like I got more on? If that makes sense.  I also went to bed like normal, letting a full hour go by. And then Aubrey woke up 2 (maybe 3, lost count) times in the middle of the night.  Every time she gets up, I get up, pee, then go to her, pick her up, rock her in the glider in her nursery, and then put her back down to sleep.  And then this morning when she woke up, I thought “what the heck is wrong with your hair child?”  It was all over the place. And damp. Then, I realized, it was not damp. It was greasy. From my olive oil.

Fantastic. So, this was the last night of the olive oil face trial.  And good thing. Cuz the 2 nights after that she woke up a few times and I would have gotten her hair all greasy again.

So, sorry for the fail. I suppose it’s a bad thing to try applying something that doesn’t immediately get soaked up, when you have a toddler that is teething. Unless you like the greasy bear hair look. I do not.

Maybe I’ll try again another time. Oh wait. I’m pregnant. I’ll be out of commission for another 2 years. LOL

And I feel like I need a photo of me with makeup on to counter balance all this blank canvas stuff. Hmmm.

IMG_2581There we go 🙂 Have a great day!


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    haaa this was GREAT!!! And I totally lol’d at the greasy hair comment haha!!! And girl, I POUR that stuff in my hands and slather it on my face. and yes, it’s like a slip ‘n slide but I still swear by it! And I also love your husbands reaction…mine had the same. He keeps taking it from the bathroom and moving it back to the kitchen. He just doesn’t get it.

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