Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

So, Life has been COMPLETELY crazy since we moved.  I can’t even believe I haven’t updated here at all.  I think it’s due to the fact that we’re still settling in and I haven’t finished anything 100% to share with photos.  But working on wrapping up the last details on things so I can share properly 🙂

But, time still passes and here we are, in December, and ready for decorating!!! Last year, with the condo, we kept decorating to a minimum.  My mom was minimal with her decor as well.  This year, we were back to going all out.  Right after Thanksgiving Jon and my mom set up all the lights outside, and a few inflatable items.  (Reminds me, Need to grab a photo!)  And then this past weekend we walked (yes WALKED) to get our Christmas tree!  It was a brief walk and we spent more time trying to figure out which tree to grab than we did transporting it back.










That little guy held on to that stick for almost the entire time we were looking.  In the end, we didn’t cut down a tree.  The hot temps here made most very brown so we grabbed a pre-cut Douglas Fir to bring home.  Can’t wait to share the decorating we did!


Do you cut down your tree? Do you buy a pre-cut? Do you use one from a box??

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