Come Join Me Off The Record

Last week Carolyn & I had another SoCal Lady Bloggers workshop on Newsletters. The awesome Hollywood Housewife spoke to us about her recent successes with the launch of her newsletter earlier this year.  She talked to us about why she started it, how she runs them, and why we should seriously consider it.




I have mailing lists for you to get a weekly digest of my posts if you don’t check in regularly.  But, the allure of something secret that won’t appear on my blog is kind of tempting.  I mean, yes I’m on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.  I really strive to not have something post in all those spots. So why not something special that you’ll only read about via email?

So, I’ve decided to create a monthly newsletter called Off The Record with Melissa Dell.   You never know what kinds of goodies might show up there 🙂  Sign up!!

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