Nursery – Revealed!

Well, after a lot of time, this nursery/office combo is DONE!!! I’m so happy with the ends results, and I’m even happier that we decided to make a change so Baby A can have a place to call her own. Well, for the most part. She does have about 75% of the room so I guess majority rules, right?


So first, some before photos. And as luck would have it, I barely had any. Had to resort to good ol’ Facebook to find mobile uploads of the office before. So, please excuse the crappy quality. LOL


This photo was taken after I cleaned up the office. Well, my side.

This is the only one taken with a real camera shortly after we moved in. Here you can tell the top color of the wall – baby blue.

This was just before the room swap. It’s a disaster because we were going through and purging a lot of stuff before the move. But here you can see the back wall of the office.

And this is a silly photo. But it shows the last wall of the office – for the most part.  (so about the face. Whenever I am making a video for Newlyweds Dish, I take a random funny pic with my iMac and post it on Facebook. And tell everyone I’m making more videos. LOL)

So there you have it, all the walls of the office.  So now, for the after!!! I finally finished everything up today. There’s still a few things to finish on the walls, but I’ll explain after!

As you walk in

Changing station (eventually)

So there you have it! We did this nursery/office combo for a really good price.  We brought in my old dresser and nightstand as we replaced our set in the bedroom.  The desk and shelving unit were already in the nursery. Paint – we bought a primer ($18) and a gallon of Oops paint from Lowes ($10) and my dad changed the color of it to be a bit brighter. (in some of the before photos, you can see what the color looked like originally).  The glider we bought on Craigslist for $70 shortly after our BFP.  Shelves were $22 from Target, wall flowers (silver) were also from Target ($20 for 21) and I created a vinyl decal to mimic the silver ones and had my dad cut them out (so lucky to have a sign biz in the fam!). The light & shade were brought in from the living room, and the one you see behind the crib we did buy from Ikea ($29 I believe).  The only big purchase we did was the TV.  You saw the old one we had – well, it didn’t fit on the shelving unit. So we impulsively bought a new one. LOL.  $100 after a $50 reward rebate from Jon’s ADP corporate Perks program.  Crib was free from a friend (new too, thank you C-family!), bedding was from an outlet sale at Petunia Pickle Bottom ($40 – thanks Kate for grabbing!) aaaaand I think that covers everything.

So now for the unfinished business.  That white square above the crib will soon house a sign with a beautiful bible quote my friend sent me.  I needed to mark off the space in the wall so I ended up just covering the ugly sign I bought on clearance from TJ Maxx ($1.50) so it didn’t clash.  The other frame above the changing table will eventually house a print I created that will hold all of Baby A’s birth stats.

And yes, there are some tools in the shelving unit. But I will be getting doors to close them up from Ikea on my next trip.  Like I said, this is a working office too! Here’s the remodeled Bling Diva Designs side that still needs some work, but it’s pretty functional! I love it!

Thanks to Jon, of course, and the help of my dad! I know Baby A is going to love living in here!


  1. says

    I love it!! I can’t wait to see it in person 🙂 And I’m also curious to see the new bedroom set-up since there’s changes in there too…

  2. says

    Ha ha MJ – Our room looks so boring (even with the extra furniture) so you’ll just have to see in person (no blog post on that one!)

    I am in love with the green walls. I think that is maybe my favorite thing. And the 3D flowers!

    • says

      I love the chandelier! I bought it from a knottie after her wedding and it’s been hanging above my desk ever since. Ps there was one similar (buy with actual lights) on sale at for $50! I almost bought that too. For Baby A’s room later on, of course!

  3. Gammie says

    The pictures do not do the room justice… I believe it is even more magnificent than the pictures captured!
    The room is :o) “Beautiful” enough for our little princess, Baby A
    “Functional” office area for the other princess in the house, Momma
    “Comfy” for the king of the house to serenade both his princesses while he plays his guitars and lastly a “great” place for Butter to hide from view under the crib!

  4. Christy says

    The room looks great. You guys (the whole team) did such a wonderful job and I can really feel the love and excitement just by looking at the pictures.

  5. Erica ortega says

    i love everything!! she is going to be living in luxury, you guys did an amazing job! cant wait to meet her 🙂 xoxo

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