No TV – a 4 month update

We’ve been living in our townhouse for 4 months now, and haven’t had any live tv. I shared this post about why we were going to cut back on cable. The area we live in doesn’t allow for antennas to pull up local channels. You pay or you have nothing. So we have nothing.

It was rough at first, trying to figure out what can entertain Aubrey. That was our biggest concern. TV is a staple while I’m making dinner and need to keep her out of the kitchen. It’s really hard to cook with a toddler consistently playing with the cat food, cat water, or grabbing the same spatula or whisk out of a drawer. {Side note – I bet Jon wonders why he is constantly washing those same 2 items. I mean, I don’t actually use them to clean. But Aubrey pulls out the same items and plays with them, licks them, throws them on the floor, every day} Initially there was just a few shows Aubrey liked and would keep her attention. It was the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood I bought on Netflix, Phonics Numbersland, and Caillou. But, I hate Caillou. He whines. His sister whines. The cat is weird. So after some time I told Jon I just can’t take it anymore. So we told Aubrey he’s on vacation in Japan. That was a month ago. She still asks for him but we just say Remember Aubrey – Caillou is in Japan on vacation! Maybe he’ll come back one day. Gosh we’re mean.

We’ve expanded her shows and this is what she loves.

Justin Time – cartoon based on Justin (an actual boy), Olive (imaginary girl) and Squig-gie (a yellow blob thing that has only arms, no legs, and is imaginary). So each episode starts with Justin doing something, Squig-gie popping up when his parents aren’t around, and them walking behind a tree/house/car/flower and ending up in a different place in time. Olive magically shows up, dressed to match the era, and they go on an adventure. It’s really entertaining and Aubrey likes it too. They’re from Canada. Well, Justin is. I guess technically so is Squig-gie. There’s a life lesson every episode and I like stuff like that. Bummed that there’s only 2 seasons on Netflix. But we only watch this in the mornings. Is that weird? I guess it’s like our own version of tv programming.

Curious George – I know you know who this is. I’ve never watched the show before, but it’s pretty good! That monkey is silly, but smart, and I don’t know how he gets away with as much as he does. Apparently there are a million seasons of this show, and several hundred episodes per season. {obvious exaggeration}. We watch this show in the afternoons. Oh and sometimes during lunch. I can’t wait for when Aubrey can actually have conversations with me other than just saying “uh huh” or “yes” or “noooo” to whatever I ask her. Oh and the professor on this show is just a tad eccentric. Not sure if I like that or not.

Little Tikes Land – This show ROCKS. It’s not technically a show, but a mini movie, and only one. Boo. It follows the adventures of Lily Tike and LT (they are neighbors) and it revolves around the different Little Tikes toys. We watch this all the time. I love it!

LaLaLoopsy Adventures (or something like that) – Jon tried that out with Aubrey last week. He said she was mesmorized and I didn’t recognize the sounds so I asked what they had on. He said “Some show with creepy looking dolls with buttons for eyeballs” lol. But, it’s a long movie and she liked it and so we’ll start playing that every once in awhile. We’ll see if she continues to be a fan.

Care Bears Movie (original from the 80s!!) – I put this on because, uh, I wanted to watch it – and Aubrey loved it! Kept her attention for a good long while. That’s a win in my book!

And we are so excited to learn Daniel Tiger is finally on Netflix!!!! Both the first and second seasons. She’s a happy girl!



As for Jon and I – we’re still working on finding shows. We’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy and LOVE it. He’s found a few shows on his own he likes – included America’s Funniest Home Videos. I’ve been watching Law & Order SVU but recently picked up Raising Hope. That’s a weird show. Really Weird.


Leave any suggestions you have for me in the comments!! I love mysteries but enjoy a good comedy show too!


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    Lexi is funny with Netflix – she calls it “movies” as in “I want to watch movies!” but they’re just shows for her. She loves any of the “Leap Frog” shows (aka…Violet!) but her favorite is some stupid show called “Bo on the Go.” OMG it is like the cheapest looking show but there are a ton of episodes (for some reason) and Lexi can’t get enough so we’ll usually put it on at the end of the day. I just started watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix…it’s also weird, but it makes me laugh.

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    You definitely need to check out Bob’s Burgers…it’s hilarious! You should also watch Archer if you haven’t already. And of course…you know my feelings on Mad Men. 🙂

    We’ve been cable free for well over a year and I can’t ever see us going back. I just said to Tim the other day that Sophia has no concept of commercials so when I watch the Ellen Show and a commercial comes on she asks me for “more Mommy’s show”. Kids these days!

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