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No nonsense tights and leggings

A year ago, it was cooling off a bit. I remember because I was 9 months pregnant. But, then temps spiked back up again just in time for my baby girl to be born. This year, it’s triple digits STILL. It’s hot folks. But, I received some items for fall to review and I’m trying to see if I can trick mother nature into fall weather here in So Cal if I start wearing & talking about fall fashion. When it comes to fall – I always try to stay close to trends while being “me.”. I’ve been working hard the past few months to liven up my wardrobe with great tops, cute dresses and fun boots. Yes, even in summer I watch out for boots! I was excited to try out some No nonsense leggings & tights to bring some of these recent purchases into appropriate attire for fall and even winter.  Because, let’s face it, winter in So Cal is still dress weather if you have a cute sweater & some leggings!

No nonsense Denim Leggings


No nonsense red tights

  I was excited to get the denim leggings, as the pair I have are extremely long, and on the thin side.  The red tights would prove to be a challenge as they present a fine line between fashion and costume.  But, I think I rocked the challenge on both with my outfits!

No nonsense denim leggings outfit


No nonsense red tights outfit

The denim leggings were a thicker cotton and could truly be worn with tunics that border between dress and shirt.  I paired this pair with a longer tunic that has a nice bold pattern and some cute flats.  They’re a smidge long for my short frame, but would be hidden, easily, if I was wearing a pair of boots.   For the red tights, I love the mod look it presented with the graphic dress. They’re sheer to the waist but I feel they’re more opaque than sheer. NY Correspondent of Access Hollywood – Jill Martin – is the new Brand Ambassador for No nonsense.  She’s helping to highlight the recent revamping of the brand to bring it to fashionistas across the country and has videos and images on their Facebook fan page (No nonsense on Facebook).  No nonsense tights and leggings are available for purchase at food & drug stores such as Walgreens and at mass retail stores like Kmart.  They even have corduroy leggings! My favorite thing is that they’re made in the USA, and are under $20 a pair! Not bad for adding a bit of color and style to an outfit!

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