Back to School – Treat Your Hair with Nexxus #ColorAssure


We celebrated back to preschool for Aubrey last week.  Do you remember the excitement of returning back to school? Growing up that meant new supplies, a new uniform (yup, attended Catholic School from Kindergarten to 8th grade!), new backpack and sometimes a new hair cut.  I always had long hair, except for a brief tragic chop that I immediately regretted in 7th grade.  Long hair is fantastic, but it can also be a pain to make it look beautiful & maintained.  I love watching tv shows and see the gorgeous locks of the actresses, long, wavy & shiny.  When I do my hair, it’s long and frizzy.  The frizz is a mixture of the dry weather here in our town (we basically live in the desert with a “dry heat”) and also the use of curling irons & flat irons.


I was sent the entire line of Nexxus #ColorAssure hair products – Shampoo, Conditioner, Pre-Wash Primer and Glossing Tonic.  Everything is girly & pink and smells pretty awesome.  The Pre-Wash Primer is to apply prior to heading into the shower and has a couple of jobs.  One is to keep your colored hair vibrant longer and the other, which I found most applicable – keeping your hair not-so-dry.  I know that’s not really a technical term, but go with me here.  The Primer is made with different types of oils – Almond, Coconut & Argan – and we know oils help to keep things quenched.  I use Coconut oil on my face daily and the softness is noticeable.  Our hair is constantly taking a beating so why not give it a special treat with some oils?

Since my hair is thick & short, I found out after trial and error that less is more for me.  One pump was more than enough, and ends only.  Applying it all over, in my case, resulted in a look that was not so awesome on my 2nd day hair.   It was summer time and while we don’t have humidity around here to make our hairs go crazy, we do have, in fall and winter awful dry spells.  I can’t wait to use this to help hopefully keep my locks happy so I can reduce the static fly aways I have all the time!


The Pre-Wash Primer and all of the products are available at most drug stores so no need to make time in your busy schedule to stop by your local salon.  That’s huge for me! I love convenience 🙂  Thank you Nexxus and Conde Nast for this opportunity to share with my readers!



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    Your hair looks great Melissa! Yes, I love preparing for fall although it has been crazy-busy at my work as we start this new year. These sound like great products – I will be sure to try them sometime as I wear my hair relatively long too. Hope you are doing well!

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