Be Cooler – NewAir WAT40W Bottom loading water cooler – Review

NewAir was kind enough to provide me with this awesome water cooler to use and review.  I feel like such an adult. Read on!

When you were younger, and someone said “what would make you feel like an adult” – how did you answer? Was it when you would be able to drive? Get married? Graduate college? Start your career? Have a mortgage?  If you’re like me, you might have hit new milestones and thought NOW I feel like an adult!  And then the next one would come, and you’d say the same thing.  I’ve now realized, having your own premium water from Le Bleu in North Carolina makes me feel like an adult. And what makes me feel like a kid? When that baby was dropped off – the NewAir WAT40W!

 New Air Water CoolerWhile I was happy with what was IN the box, my kids were happy WITH the box.  Simple things bring such joy to our kids.  Have you ever noticed they don’t always need the biggest and best thing? It can be something simple as an empty box.  Such as something simple, like cold water, sparks that excitement in me. It sounds corny, but you have no idea.

Several years ago, when I was pregnant with Aubrey, I wanted to have a water cooler and water delivery.  I was going through so much water it was crazy.  While pregnant, I only like cold water.  While nursing, it’s usually room temp.  I can’t stand filtered water while pregnant and lately I’ve become super attached to bottled water while nursing.  Seeing as how I’ve been one of those two for the past 5 years, I’ve always wanted to fit this luxury into our budget.

We almost pulled the trigger when we moved into this house.  But a bigger house, a bigger family, did not mean a bigger budget.  I became pregnant with Ryan and really stuck to my water bottle kick, and eventually our fridge water dispenser stopped working.  So now our family of 6 was consuming even more water (hey, even Butters our cat got an upgrade!) we were thinking more and more about water delivery.

And as if the stars perfectly aligned, I received an email from NewAir to try out our very own dispenser. SOLD!  I shopped around to find the best deal on water delivery (Costco – by the way) and within a week we had everything set up.

Be Cooler - NewAir WAT40W Bottom loading water cooler - Review

The coolest thing is the  bottom-loading feature.  We have water delivery at my work and after one misfortunate attempt at changing out the water – I have forever been afraid of doing it (I lost about 2 gallons of water on our floor at the office. Yikes).  Over the past 11 years I’ve worked there, I’ve changed maybe 3 bottles.  So the bottom-loading feature was a MUST for us.  I also loved how easy it was to set up. I’m not a read-the-directions kind of gal, and everything was pretty self explanatory to set up.  That little hook on the inside of the door holds the tube that goes in the water jugs while you’re changing out bottles. (Tip – when replacing the water, put the tube in and there’s a tiny button to hold in right where the door would normally close. This prompts the water cooler to suck up the water and as it does that, you can then push the tube all the way in without spilling water or wasting a drop).

One thing I do wish the water cooler had was the option of a light where it dispenses.  Currently our kitchen has one box light and it’s not over this cooler.  It makes it hard to see when your cup is almost full of water.  It does have a humming sound like any sort of refrigeration type device – wine cooler, mini fridge, large fridge.  It’s basically white noise so not a big deal.  We have been keeping the hot water turned off most of the time (so, now if you do it it will dispense room temp water) to avoid the kids messing with it and burning themselves.  There’s 2 switches that are easy to find and flip on the back of the cooler to turn on and off that function.

We have been loving this cooler and we have been using it SO much.  There’s a few variations of water coolers to fit your home (including this same model in black!) so be sure to check out NewAir’s website!

Here’s a cute little lifestyle video I created with us using our NewAir WAT40W bottom-loading water cooler!

Want one of your own?  NewAir is giving one away! Check here for details! And be sure to follow them on Facebook for any new products, sales, and more!


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