New Seasonal Menu at PF Chang’s



If you asked Jon what my favorite type of cuisine is, he would tell you it’s Asian cuisine.  I didn’t eat a lot of it growing up, but somewhere on my path to adulthood, I had a bit here and there, and was hooked.  I’ve ventured from noodle dishes to fish and other proteins.  There’s just something about the flavors that get me every time.  When Carolyn & I were invited by PF Chang’s to try their new seasonal menu, of course I had to say YES!!  We visited their location in Santa Monica, CA and were given this extra menu to see great visual representation of some of the items.


New Seasonal Menu at PF Chang's


Since it was happy hour, and I was kid-free, and I love a good margarita, I ordered the Organic Agave Margarita.  It has 3 ingredients – Patron Silver (yum), Organic Agave Nectar (to give it a bit of sweetness), and fresh lime juice.  The happy hour price is $6, and it’s $9 outside that timeframe.  The taste was spot on (I just love silver tequila better than the traditional stuff) and I actually had two.  I was thankful Carolyn was my DD!

New Seasonal Menu at PF Chang's - Organic Agave Margarita


Next up was deciding what to eat.  Carolyn and I wanted to try a few different options, so we ordered one appetizer and two entrees. All were great and we even had some leftover.

New Seasonal Menu at PF Chang's - Heirloom Tomato Salad


Heirloom Tomato Salad (appetizer)

Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, Thai basil with Ponzu dressing.  $7.95 – wine pairing suggested as Frog’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc

New Seasonal Menu at PF Chang's - Seared Ahi with Wasabi Guacamole


Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Guacamole (entree)

Yellowfin Tuna, seared, topped with baby Arugula and green beans in chili-lime ponzu sauce.  Wasabi guacamole served on the side $17.95 – wine pairing suggested as Garnet Pinot Noir 

New Seasonal Menu at PF Chang's - Chino-Latino Pineapple Pork


Chino-Latino Pineapple Pork (entree)

Wok-fired Tender Pork in tamarind-chili sauce with red bell pepper, corn, tomatoes and pineapple relish.  $14.95 – wine pairing suggested as SA Prum Essence Riesling

Everything we tried was so good.  The baby arugula had such a spicy kick when tasted alone.  After trying it with the seared ahi, it was absolutely perfect.  That was my favorite dish.  I loved the Pineapple pork and I think it had a great comfort food taste but without being too comfortable. If that makes any sense 🙂

As we learned from our servers, once the seasonal menu is over, all items disappear.  He said that sometimes they do bring a popular item on menu but not very often.  So venture out! They also have some great seasonal drinks – but the margarita is definitely a winner in my book!

Thank you PF Chang’s for providing us with a gift card to cover our meal.  We truly appreciated the gesture!

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