New House Rule – No More Settling

Every time I venture into HomeGoods, I always see the signs for children’s playrooms stating the House Rules.  Usually includes being nice, listening to your parents, eat your veggies.  Or I could be way off. Regardless, it’s meant to help provide some structure and, well, rules on how to act & behave.  Jon established a new one this past weekend – No More Settling.

What is this in regards to?  Well, for the past few months, I’ve really been wanting a new purse. But I wasn’t sure which style I wanted.  There isn’t much extra room in our budget for splurging on ourselves since we’re saving up for the new house, but a girl can dream, right?  I realized I had quite the inventory of purses & wallets that I don’t use anymore.  I’ve started selling them, and Jon said whatever I want to buy with the cash, have at it. AWESOME!  I had quite a good chunk and walked into TJ Maxx over the weekend with my little fashionista.  I headed straight for the purse section and started perusing the rack.

I am a brown bag kind of girl. Not to be confused with brown paper bags.  Most of my wardrobe is on the casual side and very little black is involved.  I wear dark colors at times, but a brown seems more casual and an overall better match to what I wear day-in, day-out.  But I wandered into the black section and found this beautiful black (soft!) leather purse by Rebecca Minkoff – the MAB Mini.

New House Rule - No More Settling

I carried it around for a bit and ended up leaving the store with it.  I showed Jon and he asked if I loved it.  Well…. I loved the style of the purse, the compartments, the long strap you can clip on or take off, and I loved the soft leather.  I didn’t love that it was black.  He said Take it back…Get what you want. The Dells will no longer settle on things.  

He’s right.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  It went back on Sunday.  Sunday I also went by Michael Kors to check out the Cynthia satchel I have pinned under my “For Me” board.  I loved the bag online, but in person I just liked it. I did LOVE the East West tote MK made.  I’ve been eyeing that one for a very long time.

When I came home, Aubrey was already down for her nap, Jon was about to sleep too, and Luke was awake.  I put him in his swing, took out the iPad, and decided to window shop. I came across a sale at Bloomingdale’s for 20% off regular and sale items. Hmmmmm…

I put both the Cynthia satchel and East West tote in my shopping cart.  Then I started looking at the other items.  And then, the skies parted, the sun shined and the birds sang.

New House Rule - No More Settling

The purse I found at TJ Maxx was there in brown AND on sale!!!!! I took out the MK Cynthia satchel and after the 20% off discount, plus free shipping, I was just outside my price range with the money I had saved up.  After Jon woke up, I told him about the brown one I found.  Told him about the 20% off.  Told him I was shy by just a little bit.  But, can I get them???  Yes, I know I had the money saved up, I know I’ll make up the difference with a few more items to sell.  But I wanted to make sure my idea was a good one.  I need validation.

He said it sounded like a great deal, and to go buy them.  So I did. And I can’t WAIT for the delivery of these beauties!

New House Rule - No More Settling

Now, you might remember the Phillip Lim bags I bought.  Since I didn’t love them, I got rid of them. One I sold to a friend for her sister, the other I took back to Target.  So, new house rule – No Settling.

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  1. says

    You know… I have to admire you. Not only are you not settling (great idea) but you are finding new ways to afford what you really want. Every time I’ve “settled” for something less than what I wanted, I’ve been disappointed. Life is too short… and as long as you aren’t giving away the mortgage (or the rent) then I think you should have what you really want.

    • says

      Agree! Jon and I are changing things up even more so and it’ll require a lot of saving up for any large purchases. But it’s worth it in the end. But the road to get there can suck a bit LOL

  2. says

    Wow! I can’t believe you found a Rebecca Minkoff bag at Marshalls!! Ok, I know that’s not the point of your post but I am dying for an MAB bag. I agree about settling though. It just ends up being a waste of time and sometimes money. I’m trying to get better with this too!

    • says

      Ha ha ya I suppose right place right time! There was a few of her bags but the others were MUCH bigger.

      Keep an eye on Bloomingdales! Who knew its be on sale and then have 20% off too!

      And yes settling means you STILL want the original thing

  3. says

    Rebecca Minkoff at Marshall’s?!?!?! OMG, I am going there this weekend. lol

    I think this is an awesome sentiment and one I always shop with. Kudos. I do have some bags I spent $$$ on cause I *loved* them and had the cash at the time but now some of them are just collecting dust. I should really part with them. Gotta figure out how to do that!

  4. says

    Love the new rule & the new bag! A lot if times I buy things because they are on sake even if they dint really fit or the color is a little of and the truth is I’m settling!

  5. Diane says

    Have to agree with you on this! I have adopted this sentiment on sunglasses too. I have wasted too much on cheap throw away types only to realize I could say that and buy a decent pair that I love.

    • says

      Yes!!!! My husband bought me (back when we were dating) a pair of Pravda sunglasses. Got SO mad he spent all that cash BUT they lasted more than 3 years. Then we bought new ones and I got Tiffany ones. Have had those for almost 3 years and grabbed an “inexpensive” Marc Jacobs pair cuz I wanted aviator style. I find I’m so much more careful when I spend so much on them!


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