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Earlier this month I attended the Pregnancy Awareness month as one of their invited bloggers for a bit of pampering and education on new & loved products from really awesome baby & kid brands.  I headed down with Cara of Mommy Crunch (and her adorable son Griffin!) to check things out.  Since we got rid of almost everything from the kids with our last move, I’m paying special attention to new products hitting the market for babies.  We didn’t buy anything new when we had Luke, so most of our stuff is from 2011 when we were expecting Aubrey. Baby items change SO much so quickly.

pregnancy awareness month | maypam

When we first arrived, we went to the bloggers lounge where there was food from Mommy and Bean.  They’re a Los Angeles based company that creates organic whole food to deliver to pre-natal and post-natal mommies.  The food was highly needed since I love to eat frequent, small meals throughout the day.  I was starving by time we arrived and all of this filled me up and left me feeling great.

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | mommy and bean | los angeles

We were also treated to hair & makeup by the Glam Squad.  They’re a national brand that offers in home hair, makeup, and now nails! You can check out their site to see if there’s one near you and what services they offer.   I enjoyed the food from Mommy and Bean while getting my hairs did.  I felt so cool. LOL

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | glam squad | los angeles

We walked around to the different companies showing off their latest products.  The Pregnancy Awareness event has companies you might have heard of before (Bravado Designs, Moby, Ergo, Honest Co) and some others that are new & upcoming.  They also host panels with experts.  One of the discussions was about Birthing and there is SO MUCH information that you don’t really know about with what happens to your body after you give birth. You just don’t bounce back.  If you have friends that have had babies, I’m sure they’ve shared the good and bad and UGLY.  I really want to work on a post for first time moms because I’ve had 2 different (although similar) recoveries and I think any knowledge is better than none.

So, for my favorite brands that were at the event!  First up, Bravado Designs.

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | bravado designs |body silk seamless  nursing bra

This is the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.  THIS IS THE BEST BRA IN THE WORLD!!!! I shared my love for it in my What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag before giving birth to Luke. I talked to Randi – the brand representative – and I probably went a bit overboard with my enthusiasm.  I’ll be sharing more about this bra later and why you need it.  But yes, it’s worth the money, it’s a great investment, and it’s comfortable.

One of their new products in nursing bras is the Confetti Nursing Bra.

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | bravado designs |confetti nursing bra

It comes in a few colors.  The overall design is very similar to the Body Silk Seamless – it’s a lesser price point ($36 vs $49).  It does not have the interior cup lining like the Body Silk Seamless (which those are removable) and the material is less of a cotton and more of a nylon? I think? I can’t find the information on the site.  I loved the color options – especially the nude with white polka dots.  So adorable!

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | moby wrap aria carrier

The Moby Wrap company was set up outside and I was so excited to see their new Aria carrier in person. We had the original Moby Wrap for Aubrey & Luke.  This carrier offers so many great details.   I saw a link to it the night before on Facebook and was intrigued by the details – for babies as small as 7.7lbs – thanks to a snap-in insert that is easy to set up.  The back panel removes to allow for ventilation which is SO important in hot summers! You can check out all the awesome features on their site – Moby Aria.

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | baby bella maya  go go bag

Another fun item Moby had at their table was this Go Go bag by Baby Bella Maya that features 5 uses.  As you can see from the images, it can be a cart cover, one for swings (so important!), play mat, and a tote!    You can also use it as a nursing cover if you find yourself short-handed with another style.  I love multi-use products.

pregnancy awareness month | maypam | crane usa humidifier

Last to share is the Crane USA humidifiers.  After the last Pregnancy event I attended while pregnant with Luke, Crane sent me the cute Duck humidifier I saw at their table.  That helped us survive many colds that the kids seemed to share back and forth for the past 2 years.  Their products are cute and fun for kids (hello Choo Choo Train!!) and I had no idea they also made space heaters! Always learning something new!

So that’s some of the favorite things I saw this year.  Have you used any of these items? Which is your favorite?



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