Never Fall in Southern California

I’ve lived in SoCal my entire life. We primarily have 2 seasons – Summer and Winter. It’s either hot or it’s cold.  And by cold, I mean low of about 50 during the day.  On my Instagram I currently see lots of beautiful trees and apple picking, scarves, and hats.  We’re still sporting summer gear in the Dell house.  Jon has always wanted to live somewhere with 4 seasons so we can have our kids experience a winter white Christmas and rain on less sporadic basis.

With Aubrey starting preschool this week, I’m paying more attention to the outfits I see on the other tiny tots on my Instagram feed.  I love seeing the little girls with colored tights under skirts or dresses.  Before she was born, I stocked up on tights.  And by stocked up, I mean I didn’t get much use because it was too hot to wear them when she fit in them.  But I can still dream, right?  I visited Gymboree’s site – they have such cute things.  Aubrey got a complete outfit for her birthday last year which will fit her now.  It was 24 months.  She has worn the zipped hoodie a few times but I believe she might fit in the other stuff now.

This year’s fall items are SO adorable.

Wavy Stripe Legging - GymboreeWavy Stripe Legging

Fox Jean Skort

Fox Jean Skort

Gem Button Tee

Gem Button Tee

I like that the leggings scream fall, but the fox skort doesn’t claim a season.  And, if you haven’t seen it yet, Google What Does the Fox Say.  It’s hilarious.

Another item that I’ve been wanting to purchase for Aubrey is a denim jacket.  She can easily transition a lot of her current dresses into fall with the addition of one.  I’d probably go with a larger size so she can wear it in the spring since it’s still pretty cool in the morning for when she’s at preschool.

Double Button Blazer Gymboree

Double Button Jean Blazer

Die of the cuteness.  All of these items are on sale for an insane price.  Be sure to check out Gymboree for some great fall items for your sweetheart!

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  1. Maribel Reyes says

    I truly miss those 2 seasons in California, where I am at right now there is only one season: summer! the coldest it’s been is 65…

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