Kickin’ It In My Boots

In case you missed it, earlier this summer I headed to BlogHer in NYC and went to some pretty cool parties and saw some pretty cool things.  I know, I rarely wrote about it 🙂

But one thing I did not mention on the blog, was being a winner winner chicken dinner from the Naughty Monkey party I went to with MJ! They were having a fall release party to show off all the designs coming out and wow, if I was about 8 years younger, still partying it up, I would have been in hog heaven! They have so many cute adorable pumps and funky styles to dress up any outfit! But, My heel days are long gone. I only wear them for weddings, BlogHer parties, and the occasion Girl’s night (actually no, last one I wore flat boots. Ha!)  Here are some cute shoes I WOULD buy if I still wore pumps..

Sizzling Hot Pump (retail $70.00)

Slash Pump (retail $64.00)

Glistening Pump (retail $65.00)

The Slash pump is a possibility to wear almost all winter long here in So Cal! Such a great spin on a bootie pump!  But when I was in their showroom, I went straight for boots. Sure it doesn’t get TOO cold here to wear them for a long stretch, but I love wearing boots with skinny jeans in the winter.  After their party, I was messaged via Facebook that I was the lucky winner! I finally ordered my boots and I chose these:

Risk It Boot (retail $100.00)

I love that they have a bit of a heel.  That’s one of the big reasons I purchased these.  At a height of 5’3″, I could really use the extra height! Here’s me modeling it So Cal Style with a cute dress!

They’re a bit darker in person than on the site, but I love that.  They’re a slouchy boot so it’ll be great to wear them with some cute knee high socks that poke through out the top.  MJ and I found some cute ones at Marshall’s a few weeks ago – and didn’t buy any. Maybe I should go back?

I’m really excited to get a lot of use out of the Risk It boots this fall & winter!  They were true to size (hopefully that’s helpful if you buy a pair) and Naughty Monkey has been so kind to share with all my readers a special discount for 20% off their site! You can score an awesome pair of boots or some fancy heels if that’s your fancy! And make sure you like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get news on the latest styles! They are great with response on twitter too! I had tweeted to ask if the Risk It boots were a tighter boot and they replied to say they’re looser so you can slouch them! I love when companies respond 🙂

Happy Shopping!! Leave a link to what you bought in the comments or post it on my Facebook Fanpage!


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