Naming Names..Or Not

This entire pregnancy has had one really big hurdle for Jon and I.  We absolutely could not pick a name for this baby.  When we decided to be Team Green,  I knew there would be some interesting aspects.  One thing I did not expect was really the whole name debacle.  We’d talk about it for a short time, then shelf it.  Then bring it up again.  Even on our date day to California Pizza Kitchen we asked our waitress what her kids were named to see if maybe that would help spark something for us.  I’ve shared about this trouble on Instagram and Facebook.  And then my friend and fellow blogger Chris (who started this awesome new site, Babywearing on a Budget) sent me an email about a baby name book and I wrote the publicist I NEED THIS SO BAD YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT.

Then, some irony.  I waited and waited and it never arrived. Normally I would just think maybe they got a bunch of response so no item for me.  But, since we were literally desperate for some assistance in the naming department, I wrote back again asking to please please send me one.  And turns out, they did, but for some weird reason the post office didn’t deliver it, and instead sent it back to them.  It finally arrived a few days later and I dove right in.

Naming Names - 100,000 baby names bruce lansky

100,000 + Baby Names by Bruce Lansky (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Jon and I each had our own method of going through the book.  He picked a random (literally RANDOM – like W) to start going through names.  He’d mark off the name with a pen and tell me Ok go look up the names under W for boys.  Uhhh. My type A was not all about that.

Instead, I went to my desk, grabbed the pretty new page markers I grabbed from Target’s Dollar Spot and started at the front of the book.  The front has a huge section categorizing names by topics, genres, etc.  Any that I liked, I underlined and flagged.

Naming Names - 100,000 baby names bruce lansky

Naming Names - 100,000 baby names bruce lansky

I started getting a good list going and when I passed the book back to Jon, most were shot down.  But not all.  From there we kept working and working and about 3 weeks ago finally got a list of 4 boy names and 1 girl name.  Such amazing progress!  I won’t share now, but once we have our little bambino I’ll let you know what was on the list!

We have a huge set of requirements which is why it took us so long to get to where we’re at.  I don’t like shortening names.  That threw out a lot of names that would have traditionally been shortened (example, Theodore  to Theo.  Or Lucille to Lucy.  I’d just name you Theo or Lucy.  I actually love Theo. but with our middle name we’re set on, it wouldn’t work. boo). This does, however, not make sense since Jon is Jonathan and I only call him Jon.  His mom calls him Jonny.  (Johnny? I don’t know).  But, I met him as Jon so he shall forever be Jon.

Naming Names - 100,000 baby names bruce lansky

We also wanted the baby’s name to mesh well with Aubrey and Luke.  I loved looking up what all of our names meant and Aubrey wanted me to share it with her.  Although I don’t think she really understood hers. Oops.

We are literally in the last stages of waiting and I know once we meet this little boy or girl, that the name will come to us.  Our list will just help get us there.  Hopefully! At least we know they won’t let us go without naming the kid!

Thank you Meadowbrook Press & Bruce Lansky for sending us this book! 


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    We had an easy time picking out a name for each kid and each time the name we had the easiest time picking ended up being the one we had to use (because that’s what sex the baby was). Based on your only having one girl name and my crazy non-at-all-scientific theory, you’re having a girl. 😉

    Seriously though deciding on a name is stress inducing. I had to argue against naming our son Jack Daniel(s) <— true eye roll worthy story.

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    I can’t wait to hear the name you choose. Choosing the name for our third was SO HARD! I had to see his face first. And, we knew we were having a boy!


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