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For the entire month of February, I will be participating in NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month – where I write a post a day. Today’s prompt from @BlogHerBlogging is about a friend that is like your sister/brother.

So I have a BFF. And every time we chat, we refer to each other as BFF. And don’t worry, our love for one another is reciprocal {as you can tell with her post}.  Erica and I have known each other forever, and yet, we never went to any of the same schools. Not high school, college, or grad school. We rock like that.  Here’s some fun facts about “us.”

  1. On my 16th birthday, while at the mall, she introduced me to my very first boyfriend. He’s now a douche, BUT, it also introduced me to another one of my best friends – Michele. {and her husband. since he and the old boyfriend were besties}
  2. If I talk about her to other people, I really only call her Lovebug. Cuz that was her ICQ screen name back in the day.
  3. I’m her go-to “Plus One” And she’s mine. I’ve been to 2 of her friends’ weddings. One I even co-coordinated with her. That weekend when we drove home, I was too hungover to even talk. She got me a muffin and let me pass out the whole way while we drove 3 hours with a dog and a guinea pig in the back seat.
  4. She currently lives a gajillion miles away from me.  Or, possibly 2000. But she lives in a tiny town surrounded by soy bean fields or some other random ass vegetable patch.
  5. She’s one of the few who has met almost every single guy I ever dated. And was there for me through every break-up. 
  6. She’s dated a lot too. I know the ring she deserves when the right guy finds her. We tell them this when things “get serious” but I have yet to gotten that phone call from a guy. 
  7. Every boyfriend pre-2000 I ask her if she’s talking about “The Horse Teeth Guy.”  It never is.
  8. For our first legal new years, I went to visit her. We had a shitload of alcohol, party hats, noise makers for a rager…that NEVER happened. But we made it to midnight!
  9. Every time we say bye to each other, it is said through laughter & giggles.
  10. We have spent every new years together since forever. Except last year. that made me sad
  11. She was my MOH and rocked it. {MOH = Maid Of Honor} 
  12. My hair has never been shorter than hers. Not even after my post-wedding chop. But now, it is. Random!
  13. We suck at putting together baby swings.
  14. She does NOT like fried green tomatoes.
  15. Every time she comes to Cali, I start a countdown ticker for the trip. And I periodically post that on her Twitter or Facebook wall.
  16. She was the first person that told me about Facebook. And then told me I couldn’t join since I didn’t have a school email address. Such a tease!
  17. I got her to join Twitter!
  18. She would drive2 hours to visit me in college so I didn’t have to be the 5th wheel.
  19. I can get to 5 with her (on the drunk scale).  Actually, I’m kidding. Only Maria can do that.
  20. When she gets married, I’m planning her wedding. Cuz I already started.
  21. When she comes to visit, every night is an excuse to drink.
  22. When she comes to visit, every meal is an excuse to eat out.
  23. My husband loves her as much as I do.
  24. She has a kick ass job dealing with dumb college kids. I love hearing the stories.
  25. And she’s the most awesomest woman I know.


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NaBloPoMo February 2012




  1. says

    OMG… horsetooth guy from high school… that’s a trip down memory lane.

    The live chat session while trying fried green tomatoes was hilarious!! I spit those things out sooo fast! Love you bff and can’t wait to see you next month.

  2. says

    You two are so cute!! 🙂 And I’m pretty sure the three of us will need a girls night when she’s around next time to get everyone to a post-baby 10!!

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