My Summer Job at Hurricane Harbor

Many many moons ago, I was in high school and the cool place to work was Magic Mountain.  My friend and I went in, applied, and we both got jobs.  She was picked to work in the wax store (candles, hand-dipping hands for custom pieces) and I was selected for the food place in Hurricane Harbor.  The summer was a blur but there’s some things I remember.

First, I always thought it would be AMAZING to work at a theme park.  While there are tons of perks, it’s still hard work.

  • It was hot.
  • It was a far walk from the employee lot to my workplace.
  • The uniforms were huge and never fit me.  (now they wear khaki’s and polos. I’m so jealous!)
  • The food smell was such a tease.
  • It sucked watching all the families have fun playing on the water slides while I worked
  • Working in the snack shack was torture as you were by yourself.

Some great things about it?

  • I met a ton of French people.  They were exchange students and had summer jobs there. This was also the summer they won the world cup. It was a party!
  • I loved the day we got to eat lunch for free from there (I think it was Sundays).  Although it never included dessert.
  • I loved the pink lemonade we sold
  • I learned about hard work

Yes, that Hard Work is in two spots – the crappy and the happy.  Working that job resulted in a lot of things I never thought I’d do. I had to learn to work with others that were different from me.  The French employees all spoke English, but they also had a lot of inside jokes that were not shared in English.  I learned the value of a dollar and how hard it can be to earn it.  I learned I can’t do everything – I was fired from the funnel cake station since I kept burning them.

I enjoyed eating lunch with new people.  One of my friends from high school (who is now married to another friend – Nicole) worked on the rides and our lunches often were at the same time.  That was probably the most we ever spoke.  I always thought he was a shy guy. He can be, but he also can carry on a conversation.

It was a very interesting summer and I really learned a lot.  It seems like a lifetime ago, because it was, but definitely a job for the books! Since then I had worked at a toy store, in a clothing store, was a tutor for math, and baby sat.

What was one of your favorite summer jobs?


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    I worked at an independent video store. Not just for a summer, either! And we rented porn, so I have about a million stories from that place. Good times.

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