My Sleep Guru

Well, not mine, but Aubrey’s.

Michele is one of my best girlfriends.  Before I went on maternity leave, we would chat daily.  She has a 4 year old daughter, G, and a 14 month old son, M.  Any question I had, I’d ask her first since she was easily accessible.  She’s done so much online research with anything and everything baby-related that I’d check with her to see if something was “normal” or if something was not.  This was the case during my pregnancy but also after I brought Aubrey home.  This post is just a back-story on Michele. But next week I’ll be sharing her tips on sleep with babies.  Because she’s read almost every thing possible! 
Being one of the first of my friends to have a baby, I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t been around a lot of babies and I romanticized it for sure. I thought that they were quiet, sleeping creatures that you just had to feed and change. Then my daughter was born and reality hit me HARD!! I had a crying, colic baby who needed to be soothed day and night. I felt lost and really had no one who understood. I turned to Babycenter, an online community of moms. I learned so much, very quickly while on there. It made me fall in love with helping other people with their babies and especially with sleep. Once you understand it, you can take control and it makes all the difference in the world.


It prompted me to start doing tons of research on sleep and babies, and soothing techniques. I read multiple books, but one stood out to me. It was Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It was a very disorganized book, but I figured out the main points and started implementing the ideas.


My daughter was swaddled and slept in the swing until she was 6 months old. I didn’t know what else to do, and it worked. However, she was outgrowing the swing, and I knew it wasn’t the best thing.  That is when I decided to take her sleep in my hands and get her sleep trained. I loved seeing the techniques work. I now call that book my baby sleep bible. I of course tweaked it to work for us, which is what I always encourage everyone to do, but I used it as a guide and I’m so happy I did.


With my son, I started doing what I could with a newborn from day one. I’m not saying he is a perfect sleeper, because he’s not – but no baby is. They are human, which I think we forget at times. I did however, give him the tools for good sleep habits and that’s all I can do, lay the foundation. If he takes a short nap one day, it’s not because of anything I did. He may be going through a milestone, or teething, or anything else that is going on in their little bodies. The most important thing is that he knows how to put himself to sleep, and that is a gift that is so important in creating healthy sleep habits.


  1. says

    Michele you’re also my sleep guru! Haha, as evidenced by the fact that I Facebook message you any time I notice that Lexi sleep is barely altered :). BTW she’s back on afternoon naps, of course.

  2. Michele F. says

    Katie, you are a pretty good sleep guru yourself!!

    Micah has been having nap issues now, kind of like Lexi was having. Taking forever to fall asleep and only sleeping an hour. I’m really banking on teeth and not the 2-1 transition!!

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