My Scentsy Story – my 19 month update

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update, or done a video, about how things are going with my Scentsy business!

So, it’s probably best to share!  One of the biggest things I’ve accomplished (thanks to ALL my amazing customers and the ladies on my team!!) is earning a vacation!!

punta cana free trip - scentsy consultant

One of the craziest things with those in Direct Sales is the talk about free trips, free cars, and I always wonder is it really free?  So, here’s the thing.  It’s not costing me a dime to go.  Scentsy is paying for my air fare, my transportation to/from the hotel, the 4 nights at the hotel (Hard Rock!!) and meals & drinks! BUT I did have to work VERY hard to earn it.  I worked from September to January to motivate my team, bring on new teammates, encourage friends & customers to host a 30 minute Facebook party.  But each month that passed, I stayed on task, kept setting goals, and slowly I moved that mountain all the way to earning my very first free trip.  And my amazing friend Maria was able to add on as my roomie and we’re enjoying this tropical vacation together 🙂

team bye wicks - valencia scentsy consultant

I’ve met some pretty incredible ladies . On my left (well, your left, my right) is Jen – I’ve known Jen for years and she joined my team a few months after I started.  The fantastic thing about Scentsy is if life kind of gets a bit chaotic, you can always come back and kick butt (which is what Jen has done).  Mikaela (on my right) was someone that found me on Scenty’s site and joined my team.  She didn’t know me, but she picked me, and I’m so glad she is.  My team is not huge by any means, but we’re mighty.  And there’s several women (both friends and newfound friends) that have joined Team Bye Wicks (what I named my team) and I’m there to help and encourage them as they start their business.

what's it like to be a Scentsy consultant - valencia scentsy consultant

I’ve had some amazing accomplishments and recognition from Scentsy.  When you start your journey, you are awarded with charms to wear as a reminder of your journey.  It’s also a great conversation piece.  My bracelet started with that shooting star on the right.  In my first 15 days, I had over $500 in sales.  Scentsy sent me the charm & bracelet for free.  A few months later, my first teammate also hit shooting star so I received the purple bead.  For each teammate that hits their $500 in their first 15 days, I am sent one as recognition for a trainer to help them start their business.  The bronze 2000 mark a sales goal of when I had over $2000 sales in one month.  I never thought I would be able to do that.  But, I have, several times, and each month I not only receive the charm, but I also receive a 5% bonus.  The silver 10000 charms mark the point in my journey when I had an cumulative sales of $10,000.  I’m about to get my third charm (hopefully this month!) and I can’t wait!

Seeing the charms fill my bracelet serves as motivation to keep on going.  I love combining my love of social media, marketing, and parties to incorporate into one fun business.  My house has never smelled better and I love trying all the new fragrances when they come in.  My kids like smelling the bars too.  On the way to school this week, Luke asked if only girls like Scentsy.  I told him no, that there are some guys (like one of his friend’s dad) who has it at their work cuz they like it to smell good.

I can’t wait to see where the next year or 2 take me.  I have set a goal to promote two more times and become a Director.  The requirements are pretty hefty but I know that I will make it there over time.  If you have any questions, want to know what Scentsy is about, how commissions work – please send me an email at melissa (at)!  I’d love to chat with you!


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    Congrats on all of your achievements! I love that you have your eyes on the next few years – I think there is a lot of misconceptions about “making fast bucks” through direct sales. Hope you continue to share your journey with Scentsy!

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