My Kind of Vacation

Jon and I have been speaking a lot about our traditions we want to set with our family, and there is always one recurring theme – family vacations.  With having our children so close in age (20 months apart), I don’t think we’ll have to be too creative thinking in terms of where we go, and what we do.  The great thing is that there won’t be a significant age gap to have one completely entertained and one completely bored.  Most likely they’ll both enjoy our destination if it’s in their target age group.

But the vacation ideas are a bit different for Jon and me.  I have the idea of relaxing vacations – beach resorts, cruise lines, camping. Ok, so yes, I know camping doesn’t always fall under the relaxing category – but I was raised camping at the beach every summer!  Jon likes adventure, and he likes history.  He likes road trips and seeing landmarks.  Put us in a motor home and he’d be happy. I’d probably be stir crazy by day 3.


Aubrey’s first camping trip – 6 months old

I’ve not been to too many historical places in my life time.  I think most of the visits were done once Jon and I started dating.  We’ve been to San Francisco twice and each time visited hit up different tourist attractions, including two different ships that used to be home to many military personnel back in the day.  It’s cool to see the inner-workings of something so massive, that served a very specific & important function with our country’s safety.

I can’t wait till Aubrey and Luke start to enjoy our family fun time and we can plan long weekends or even week-long places to visit together and make memories.  I wonder if they’ll prefer the more relaxed type like their mom or more adventurous ones like their dad!

My Kind of Vacation

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  1. says

    That’s how Brent and I are – except he doesn’t necessarily like “historical” – as long as we’re DOING something. It could be touring the city, or gambling, or shopping; he just hates sitting around, be it on a beach, by a pool or at a campsite. I love relaxing vacations, so I’m just hoping one of our girls is more like her Daddy so they can maybe go on daytime adventures while I sit around reading in a lounge chair with the other.

  2. Maribel Reyes says

    Vacations are always good and welcomed, they are a fun way to re-connect with all the beautiful things this planet has to offer, be it beaches or museums. I personally love vacations similar to your likings except no camping I’m lucky my husband is also the same way. Although we have been on vacations and visit one or two museums. But our goal on vacations are relaxation. 😀

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