My Halloween Tradition

Every year, since Jon and I started dating, well, and since my niece started pre-k, I go over to my niece’s school for their annual halloween parade. Luckily, I work right across the street so it’s a quick walk.

The school allows parents {and aunts!} to come for the morning parade and cheer on the kids and take pics, and see the pumpkins from the competition. There’s a few different categories but for 2 years running, my niece has won a prize. And no, they don’t give out prizes to all entrants… :o)

So, this year, my niece went as Dorothy. I got to the school {late} at 8am to french braid her hair. Her mom’s a stylist, and does amazing things with color & cut, but for some reason, the french braid is not one of her talents. It’s ok though, I’ve been trained by my mother – queen of french braids – and I don’t mind helping!

My twin nephews were also there to giggle at their sister…since they don’t talk yet and can’t really cheer her on.

Oh and ps, this post is filled with a lot of pics…

{my niece & her mommy, and the twins and their parents}

{how CUTE are they?? So expressive!}

Teacher’s costumes
{Bob the Builder, a flapper, and Diner girl}
{ps i couldn’t believe the flapper wore that as a teacher!!!}

And now for some Pumpkins!!!



{all of those candy corns were glued ONE BY ONE}

{my niece’s pumpkin. Underwater! And she won!}

I’m going to feel a little bit sad when she goes off to another school. Might be next year :o(

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