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I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam for 2017 and excited to share stories each month!  This post may contain affiliate links

Being a mom to three littles, working full time, and running 2 side hustles (This blog, and Scentsy), I always had to cut down on a lot of tv time.  I’d find myself putting the kids to bed, sitting on one of our comfy recliners, and turn on the tv.  Before I knew it, it was approaching 10pm and I hadn’t even made school lunches. It was on those nights that I started to feel overwhelmed with my to-do lists and I knew something had to give.

Sadly, it was the tv. Of course I do keep some of my favorite shows that I sit down and give in to – but I always felt left out when I’d see friends talking about new shows that you could binge watch on Netflix.  One of my friends (Xenia – who also happens to be a Stream Team member with me this year!) had cut cable again and was sharing the shows she was streaming.  I really wanted to see what the shows were about so I started thinking of ways to multi-task and catch up on some new shows.

multi-tasking mama - netflix streaming binge worthy new showsa

I have a very strict policy for binge-watching shows.  I give them 2 chances – episode 1 and episode two.  If I’m not hooked by then, it’s time to remove it from my watch list and move on to another show.  The first one I picked up on was a brand new recreation of an old favorite – One Day At A Time.  Loved the first episode, and the second.  I went on to the third and by the fourth I lost steam.  I moved on to another show – Travelers – a sci-fi about future beings taking over the bodies of those living in the current times and die.

I know, sounds bizarre.  But you know what I’ve realized – I really enjoy sci-fi shows! I was hooked immediately and can’t wait for the next season to come out.

multi-tasking mama - netflix streaming binge worthy new shows

So in between making lunches, working on recapping my months in my PowerSheets, and building my Scentsy business, I’ve been catching up on other shows like OA (that one, for reals, is very bizarre. But I couldn’t stop watching!) .

multi-tasking mama - netflix streaming binge worthy new shows

Ok. Can we discuss the Santa Clarita Diet?  I live in Santa Clarita and when it was buzzing that there was a show featuring Drew Barrymore and our town was coming out – everyone was freaking out.  No one knew what the premise was except it involved Drew and she was a realtor.

So once the first photos were leaked (like the one in this photo with her smoothie cup and a finger in it) we all had a major What is GOING ON hitting all the statuses on Facebook.

So, while working on a huge order and sorting, I turned the show on and put on my new headphones.  I watched the first episode and I kind of have a queasy stomach.  I was not able to hang with some of those scenes. Seriously had to close my eyes!  I get the whole premise, love the quick humor, but I gave it my 2 episode chance and just couldn’t make it to the third.  But I know our town is really digging this exposure. 🙂

multi-tasking mama - netflix streaming binge worthy new shows

So how do I find the next set of binge-worthy shows?  I ask Facebook!  Before we went on a last minute trip to Reno, I asked folks what we should download.  Because, THAT is the most amazing thing ever.

Each kid (and mom!) got a few downloaded shows to watch on the long drive.  This was a lifesaver even for Ryan because he was getting cranky the last few hours.  BeatBugs to the rescue!

What’s on your Netflix Watchlist? What should I try next???

multi-tasking mama - netflix streaming binge worthy new shows

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