Much Needed R&R In Solvang, CA

Thank you Kia for loaning me this Sorento to cruise around Solvang with!

During a group date night in December, the girls all decided we needed a trip away to Solvang, CA for some laughs, good food, and some time away from our kids.  (We love you kids, but we also enjoy eating a hot meal!).  We flipped through our phones, found a weekend, and saved the date.  Counting down the time was exciting and eventually we were ready for our trip!  How do I prepare for a trip? Here, let me share….

The next day we packed up the Kia Sorento SXL and ventured out.  The ladies were pretty impressed with the huge sunroof I opened up as we got on the 126 towards Solvang.  And each time we were in the car, one of them spied something new (like, the reclining option for the passengers in the back seat to make it a more comfortable drive.

As we drove through Fillmore towards our destination, we realized we’d be hitting Ventura a few minutes before sunset.  A quick confirmation with Siri had us changing dinner plans and pulling off to capture the sunset and eat dinner.

much needed r&r in solvang, ca

ventura beach pier

The Beach House Fish restaurant is going through some renovations so their outdoor patio is closed, but the view of the sunset was amazing!

ventura beach pier - Beach House Fish

We arrived just before the crowds started and had a few minutes to take advantage of their happy hour pricing.  I got their Tuna on Fire and it was so amazing!

ventura beach pier - Beach House Fish


We also traded around some of our bites and their jalapeno corn fritters were so amazing.  I usually leave the jalapeno items alone, but I couldn’t resist. it was delicious!

The next morning we walked around the sleepy town to grab some breakfast. Our hotel – Hotel Corque – was in the perfect spot.

much needed r&r in solvang, ca

Spied another Kia – this one was an Optima – parked right out front.

We walked down the main street of town and were about to enter a small bakery but a passerby shared with us that Birkholm’s Bakery was their favorite place in town.  We turned around, walked up the road and entered the large bakery & cafe and ordered breakfast.

Birkholms Bakery Solvang ca

We ordered pastries, lattes, and grabbed a seat in their quaint dining spot.

birkholms bakery solvang, ca

I bought their raspberry danish and it was so amazing.

What was up next on our Girl’s Rest & Relaxation vacation?  Manicures & Pedicures!  I had scheduled us appointments for right when they opened and we had a 10 minute walk from Birkholm’s to Valley Nails & Spa.  We enjoyed the quiet time and chatted about our plans for the rest of the day.  Some of us FaceTimed with the kids but I know my kids don’t do well with that. Instead, Jon and I send photos back and forth. Our kids were with Jon at a 5K benefitting a little boy – Kaden – for his Leukemia treatments. He loves trash trucks and they had some onsite for the kids to take photos with and climb inside. Such a treat for my kids and they didn’t seem to miss me at all.

much needed r r in Solvang CA

For lunch we went to Stephanie’s favorite spot – Panino – to grab fresh sandwiches, chips & drinks to eat outside. The morning fog had burned off and it was really gorgeous and really warm.

panino solvang ca

I got the fresh mozzarella with prosciutto sandwich and we all really enjoyed the Buffalo Blue chips.

Solvang ca sunset

For dinner, Megan found us a really adorable spot – BUT there was a big sign out front that said “no photos.”  I couldn’t tell if the restaurant was serious or not, but I kept my camera in the bag.  And judging from their Yelp page, perhaps I was just a bit of a scaredy cat! It was a small restaurant with 4 menu choices – all homemade from the direct-from-Italy chef. His wife runs the front of the house and he runs the back.  Most of the items are directly from the town’s farmer’s market and the best thing we all agreed upon was the salad and Grace – the wife.

The next morning, before we got back on the road – we walked and grabbed more treats to take home with us from Birkholm’s Bakery.  I purchased Jalapeno Cheese bread, Shepherder’s bread, Cinnamon bread, and pastries.

Birkholms bakery solvang, ca


kia sorento sxl in solvang ca

On our drive on the 126 highway and then the 101, one thing we all were in awe about was the green rolling hills.  It’s been such a long time since that captivated us – we’ve been in our drought for a few years.  All the recent rain in Southern California is providing a gorgeous landscape.  We returned almost 48 hours after we left.  We had a fantastic time, laughed way too much, and enjoyed a lot of really good food 🙂

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