We’re Moving {again}

Even though it’s been a year, it’s felt like weeks since we decided to sell our condo, and find a place to rent.  One of the benefits of moving is living with less.  You just realize you don’t NEED to bring the crap with you.  There’s really no better word for it.  I spent many nights going through items in drawers in our room, Aubrey’s room, and our garage.  I discovered tons of hidden gems that I had forgotten about.  We got rid of so many things, and it’s that time again.

We’ve been in this condo for a year. When we moved in, I brought so many things with me, expecting to use much of it.  A lot was clothing.  And shoes.  Today I realized I haven’t used so many of those shoes in ages and it was just time to donate.  I bagged up 2 trash bags of clothing & shoes to donate from my closet, alone.  This doesn’t count the piles we already have in the garage from more stuff we were storing in there.  And when we move? I can’t wait to dive into the boxes we had in storage FOR A YEAR.  I know there’s a lot we can live with out. But I’m so excited to get back use of so much we stored.

In the new home we’re renting, we’ll have 3 bedrooms and an office.  We have the world’s most AMAZING kitchen and breakfast nook.  We have a huge amount of outdoor space to work with.  There’s a front gated grass area, a large side yard for bikes and things, and a huge backyard where we can plant all the veggies we have missed.  At our condo we had tomatoes, different peppers, and we tried growing some herbs but that failed.  This home is our long term place.  After much consideration, we decided to rent while Jon is getting his MBA.  Any house repairs will be someone else’s worry.  We can just focus on enjoying the single family home and eventually, when the timing is right, we’ll move out and into our forever home.

Until that move in, my life is consumed with packing.  We have a very tight schedule and I’m actually out of town the weekend we move.  I’ve had a blogging conference on the books for months and Jon will be taking on the moving & unpacking with help from our family.  It’ll be strange leaving one home and then just jumping back home into another.  I can’t wait!!! I can’t wait to enjoy quiet summer nights outside with Jon, while the kids are asleep, and open up a bottle of wine.  It’s been so long since we’ve had outdoor space to hang out in. I’m giddy!!


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    Good luck with the purging! I love it! I am doing the same, getting ready for Spawn and it feels fabulous to toss! While it’s great to donate to a Goodwill or Salvation Army, I urge everyone to donate directly to a shelter where items can be used immediately! Happy moving!

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