Moving and Trying to Avoid Becoming a Blubbery Mess

Not sure you know this, but when you’re pregnant, your hormones are ALL over the place. It actually can maintain while nursing. In fact, if you nurse for a year, you can end up with almost 2 years of crazy hormonal breakdowns that can result from being out of milk for your morning cereal, not being able to open a jar, or more serious things like realizing you’re halfway through your pregnancy and how the heck are you going to really be a mom to 2 kids. And the best part – you never know what will set you off.

We’re in our new place but leading up to the move, I kept trying to avoid the thoughts that we’re moving. Like, for reals. The whole process was so quick Jon and I realized from the moment we made the decision to sell, and the moment we moved into the new place, it was only like 6 weeks. That’s what a short escrow gets you! With trying to stay on task, it helps to distract you from your mind going to emotional places and ending up with a wet face cuz your eyeballs start leaking. When I woke up the Saturday before we moved, I posted a photo on Instagram saying Lazy Saturday morning in our home before we move #bittersweet. Then at night Jon and I realized it was the last Saturday night we’d be sleeping here. Sunday brought on the last morning we’d be getting ready for Church in our place.

moving and avoiding becoming a blubbery mess -

Each moment any of those thoughts crossed my mind, I tried really hard to just focus on this is just a house. our memories are ours to keep. there will be more memories we will create. life goes on. But I still get sad. And my pregnancy hormones do NOT help this situation.

In this house, we moved in 2 months after getting married. We got Butters that following Valentine’s Day as a teeny kitten. We painted, hung my grandfather’s artwork, and made the place our own. We mourned the loss of our first pregnancy, had a fight in the middle of our office (now Aubrey’s nursery) about money that lead to a meltdown over the loss. We celebrated in joy with another positive pregnancy, and I paced the living room & kitchen at 2am starving for a PB&J in the last days of my pregnancy. Brought Aubrey home and came to balloons and banners from our family and friends. Celebrated Christmas with real trees each year. Figured out baby proofing, but neglected to do it on a few things – resulting in Aubrey carrying around cans of soup, handfuls of qtips, and clearing off shelves of DVDs in 2.5 seconds.

moving and avoiding becoming a blubbery mess - 2

But, until we find our forever home, we’ll keep having to leave places. Well, hopefully just one more time – the townhome we’re renting. We’ll bring home our baby boy here, and celebrate a Christmas, and birthdays. But then we’ll find our home that all the celebrating & memory making will continue on till we’re old and gray ๐Ÿ™‚ That keeps me going and knowing that it’s just gonna be a thing we do until we find the last place our kids will know.




  1. Candice says

    I had so many of the same emotions leaving the “home” we brought G home to when she was born. So many memories. I think it was hard for me since I only ever called once place home growing up and still do.

  2. says

    I’m not pregnant, but as we prepare to leave our current apartment for our new house, I’m feeling very emotional. This is where we came home the day after our wedding. This is where I found out about each of my pregnancies and where I brought each baby home. Its where they took their first steps and spoke their first words. Ahhh I’m getting emotional again. I can only imagine hiw much worse it is with all those pregnancy hormones. Good luck in your new home! Xo

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