More Play, Less Tears Before Dinner Time

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More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

Do you have indoor and outdoor toys for your kids?  Most of our outdoor toys are typical things – bikes, balls, golf club & bat.  Now with the warmer temps and longer sunshine, we’re heading out before dinner to get some energy out before we sit down to eat and then start the madness of bedtime.  I’d like to think that this 30 or so minute break outside will result in an easier bedtime routine. You can stop laughing now.  Last weekend, Luke was really trying to drag out all his cars & trucks to play outside with.  I know the huge concrete patio is just begging for cars to be rushed all around.  But those are our indoor toys.  And I don’t like mixing the two up because then all the dirt comes inside. (And some things beyond just plain dirt)

So I did what any reasonable parent would do – prevent tears by having some new cars to play with outside (that can also easily be cleaned. YAY!)

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

As you can see, he was pretty excited.  Aubrey loves them too. I made sure to grabb two of the loader trucks (I probably should learn the correct names for these!) since both would want to load it up with things they find in the backyard to push around.

And then there’s the bug.  Aubrey found this tiny creature a minute after they got all the trucks.  She decided to take it for a ride and put it in the back of the loader truck and wheeled it around.

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

Then it was off to find the chalk.  The kids like to draw everywhere, and then lay on top of it.  Then off to play with cars again.  Then back into dirt.  Endless cycle until it’s time for dinner. Within the 30 minutes we play outside, I’m amazed at everything the kids get into.  We have our vegetable garden set up and Luke keeps trying so sneak strawberries.  My mom actually started checking online for tricks on how to keep rodents out when I told her it was actually Luke that was squishing them.  Oops.

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

I always cringe when I tell them it’s time to go inside and clean up.  Cue epic tears.  I’ve joked on Facebook that we have a Threenager in the house – but seriously, why get so upset to wash your hands? On my last trip to Walmart I grabbed two different sizes of the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes.  (Grab a coupon here too!) I figured, if I can quickly wipe their hands and faces to clean off everything they just touched, maybe they wouldn’t be so upset that we have to stop what we’re doing to go inside to wash up, and then come back outside to eat dinner. (The smaller canister is in my car!)

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

I’m happy to report that the kids didn’t cry or whine when I told them it was time to clean up for dinner.  I asked for their hands and wiped them and was happy to sanitize Aubrey’s hands from the encounter with her little friend.

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

After we had our dinner, a certain little guy came up for some kisses. And since the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes are also safe for faces, I gave him a good wipe before kissing those adorable cheeks.

More Play Less Tears Before Dinner Time

You can save your own sanity and grab them in the cleaning aisle and help to wipe out germs on hands.  After a steady round of different sicknesses that have hit our home, I’m happy to use every thing created to keep the germs at bay!


Here’s a quick video to see how crazy our afternoons before dinner can be!

How would these PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes save your family from some tears?


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    I remember constantly wiping down my kids when they were little – it’s like the never-ending mess. Great idea to have different indoor and outdoor toys. #client

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