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**thank you all for entering! And as a special gift for everyone from Lodis – you can enter “melissadell” during checkout on their site for 20% off your total! Offer code expires 12-15-11!!**

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Things I Dig post. But with Aubrey now in our lives, I’ve started discovering more Things I Dig that are more Baby-friendly. But I still have to keep some of my own style with everything that we bring in to our house. I found myself buying onesies & pjs that are in the colors I like (hot pink, purples, greens) and adorn her pretty little head with lots of headbands and gigantic flowers and bows. I have to keep my girl looking pretty & girlie! I’ve worn some of the flowers in my hair over the past years (Mainly thanks to my lovely friend Jen who always had the perfect accessory for any outfit I had on our girls only outings!) Here’s a quick list of some of the things I’ve been using & loving so far! {And read all the way to the bottom for an awesome giveaway!!}

First is my new pursePetunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. This is the Indian Summer print that is sold exclusively from Nordstrom as part of the Disney collection. It’s super roomy inside and I’m slowly learning what I have to bring for our outings. I’ve been keeping an eye on what other moms bring, as well as what people post about. So far this is stuffed with an extra outfit for Aubrey, burp rags, blankets, a top for me, and my regular “purse” stuff. As time goes on, I know I’ll realize more things I need to bring to either keep Aubrey occupied or clean. Hee hee.

Next up is my MomAgenda Personal Portfolio . I previously had their regular MomAgenda planner, but I figured now I needed to have more space to keep track of notes, addresses, and other misc things. I love this agenda as I can have space to track my schedule, Jon’s, Aubrey’s appointments, and anything related to my business – Bling Diva Designs. There’s also space to write in dinners but I’m not so great at keeping track of those in advance….yet. Nina – the Mom behind MomAgenda, is on Twitter, and has always replied so quickly with any questions I have had in the past. Again, love the power of Twitter to connect instantly to practically anyone! They’re also on Facebook and their customer support is top notch!

Last but definitely not least is that pretty wallet you see – from Lodis. My friend Jen {same one mentioned above} started working for them earlier this year and while I had seen some of their products in the past, I love the direction they’ve been going towards. The past few lines have been so fabulous for everyone of all ages. I know because everyone I’ve shown they all love them. This is from their Astor collection {wallet not available anymore – but the larger version is!} It has plenty of room for all my cards (credit, medical, gift cards), plus a handy zippered section for change and all the grocery store little reward cards. Plus, love the color – Olive is super hot and I am glad I picked this!

So now, for the super awesome giveaway. First, a super thank you to Lodis for granting my readers this fabulous opportunity! One lucky winner will not only receive their very own Lodis Primadonna Wallet, but they’ll also win a Smartphone Case from their hot & fashion forward line – Cirque!

Click the links or images to pull up the specs on each item.

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**this contest is open to anyone to enter – not just mommies!!**


  1. says

    I love that backpack diaper bag – when I first got it I couldn’t imagine why I needed such a huge bag, and now it is stuffed for every outing! Plus they are all so cute.

  2. Heather says

    I could really use a new wallet!!! 😉 My must have for the diaper bag is pacifier sanitizing wipes. I always carried extra binkis and/or had binki strings, but some how those things always found their way to the floor. My local Buy Buy Baby carried these sanitizing wipes that were a life saver. I’m sure you can get them at any baby store and probably Walmart/Target.

  3. Aileen says

    I second the pacifier sanitizing wipes when you’re nowhere near a sink to rinse those binkies off.

    I also have a wet diaper bag. Although I don’t do cloth diapering it comes in handy for wet burp cloths and clothes with spit up, pee, etc.

  4. Liz says

    Now that Juls is eating we always have to have yogurt melts, num-nums, or puffs and my fav water bottle topper for Juls made by green sprout (I got it at our fav place BBB!!!)

  5. Nicole says

    My must have diaper bag item(s) are snacks for sure! I can’t take him anywhere anymore because he wants to touch everything or walk everywhere but somehow snacks keep him in one place 🙂 we love cereal, raisins, and dehydrated strawberries!

  6. Courtney says

    Love the wallet & phone case! I so would like to win. My must have item is definitely a pen or anti-bac hand gel..can’t pick just one!

  7. Laurie says

    Love that wallet and Phone case and love Lodis. My must-have is a pack of Baby Mum Mums. They’ve gotten me through many errands!!

  8. Michelle S. says

    Love the wallet and case–they’re just stunning! My must-have purse item is hand sanitizer. Call me a germaphobe, but I’m all over the place every day and sometimes I just have to grab the sanitizer. 😉

  9. Nina says

    My diaper bag must have are wee wee pads, I have used them just about everywhere, they are dispoablr changing pads. Sometimes you don’t want to use your nice clean diaper changing pad so these are perfect! And if something gets on em, throw em away!!

  10. Cyndi Holt says

    Not a big fan of those animal prints, but like the idea of those giveaway organizer items. I need all the help I can get! xoxo

  11. Zubeida says

    Love the blog, I’ve been reading your entries on newlyweds dish and I gave birth 10 days before you. Enjoy Aubry, she’s gorgeous!

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