Mommy and Me Time

This past weekend Aubrey and I enjoyed a fun Mommy/Daughter day.  Daddy was away at a church retreat and I had some big plans for us.  We won’t have many opportunities left for some good one on one time, so I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did!

Friday night started off with dinner – spaghetti with marinara – and a prompt bath after.  Man is that a messy dinner!

mommy and me time - 1


We then watched Dumbo on Netflix.  She didn’t seem to like it too much, but did love certain scenes.  I was also happy to figure out (remember?) that they don’t kill Dumbo’s mom. I always thought they did.




The next morning we woke up, I made some coffee while Aubrey had her bottle…and then…

mommy and me time - 2


She bounced on the couch and my coffee spilled on the cushion.  At least she helped me clean it? (also, thank heavens for slipcovers!)

mommy and me time - 3


After breakfast we got ready and headed to the mall.  There’s a new outdoor play area and Jon took her last weekend and he said she had a blast.  So it was my turn and she ran around, jumped, and then chatted it up with an older boy.  No dating till you’re 20 Aubrey!

mommy and me time - 4


We went to Five Guys for lunch and as you can tell, she was kind of over the day.  But once we got our food, and she ate, she was feeling a heck of a lot better.  The mall trip was also to find her a pair of summer shoes.  But each one we tried on, they just didn’t fit right.  But on our way back to the play area, I stopped in at Crazy 8 (sister store for Gymboree) and I found THE CUTEST flip flops!

mommy and me time - 5


So adorable right? And on sale 50% off! It’s her first pair and she did fairly well with the thing between her toes.

mommy and me time - 6


There was this huge rope spider web thing to climb on. Aubrey is still a bit too small but she liked climbing under the rope.

mommy and me time - 7


When we got home she got a surprise dinner guest – her Grammie.  And she brought dessert – mini moon pies! Aubrey ate all her dinner so she was treated to this dessert. She loved it!

mommy and me time - 8


Then it was fast to sleep for this tired girl.  I love how she sleeps on her pillow, clinging to her Violet puppy.

I love my little girl and so grateful for weekends like this!


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    Very cute. I love Crazy 8 for kids shoes. Temera always asks me, “Mom, do you remember when I was an only child?” Sadly, I don’t remember a lot of it, but I still try and get as much one-on-one time with the girls as I can.

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