MomAgenda Home Office Edition {review}

So, we already know I have a paper problem. I have used the MomAgenda Personal Portfolio since before Aubrey was born. It’s been working great to track our personal stuff, and also bills.  I’ve used the other sections for my notes from church and it’s been really great to have and update the insert each year.  But, I’m also blogging. And that doesn’t have enough space for me to keep track of the stats and scheduled blog posts. So that brought on another planner to keep track of everything.  And both served a great purpose.  But just one thing – there’s TWO things to track. Both are separate, but it’s 2 items I have to store in my desk.

Nina (Owner of MomAgenda) tweeted that they were having a flash sale for a lot of items for only $10. One of these items was the MomAgenda Home Office Edition. When I met her at BlogHer, she showed me this in person, but I wasn’t ready to take the leap. I had just purchased the next calendar year for the portfolio and I wasn’t tracking my blogging as I am now.  But it was great to see it in person. I love to flip through things, see what options there are. And sometimes, there’s just not enough photos online.

So I scooped up the Home Office Edition, in Lime, and was diligent to make sure I shipped it to the right place.  We were about 10 days out from closing escrow on our condo and I didn’t want to chance it coming after we left.  Only, I screwed up. I didn’t realize it until I got the shipping confirmation from MomAgenda that I realized I swapped the billing & shipping address, and it was to arrive at my condo the day before we closed escrow.  Freaked out, called their front desk, and was told it already got shipped so I could try re-routing it, or letting it just deliver to the house with UPS.  I had also tweeted Nina and she told me just to keep her posted.

Quick side note – Can I just say I love companies that have an actual person reading the tweets they’re mentioned in? It’s one thing to have a company twitter account with just updates – and another to have someone actually man the account and interact with customers. It’s so … refreshing.  Back to my story.  So the day came and no package arrived. Turns out it went from the UPS to USPS and I already had my mail set up to forward. I kept refreshing the website and nothing. I waited a few days, emailed Nina, and she said “no worries – what’s your new address.”

And, 9 days after it was supposed to arrive, I got the replacement box AND the original package. Crazy right? I felt bad. Nina went above and beyond and sent me a replacement even with my own error. So I asked her if I can send back the duplicate. She said no – just review it and give it away. So here we are!

I friggin love this thing. Yes, it’s big. But that makes it awesome. I don’t carry it around (honestly, when I switched back to my regular Michael Kors bag, the Personal Portfolio didn’t fit), but it’s always at home either on our kitchen table or in my desk upstairs.  And since we’ve been tracking our weekly spending, the pockets on this thing have been a lifesaver. Let’s dive in. And of course, I have lots of photos for you.


The Home Office Edition measures 9×11 and has a sturdy spiral bound closure.  Allows for you to open flat, or flip around and work one side at a time.

There’s laminated tabs for each month. This runs August-August – just like a traditional school calendar/planner.


There is an inside pocket on each cover – front and back. Here I am storing the Weekly Spending & Accountability Budget Tracker sheets I created, and it also holds our check register and sticky notepad (not pictured).


Here’s where the combination starts to take place.  On the monthly view, I am tracking the stats for this site, and also Bling Diva Designs. Yes, I am still color coding, and those are the awesome Pilot Frixion Pens that are “erasable.” I have a lot of them.  This is March – already filled in with all of the stats.


Here’s a view of April.  The Washi Tape (orange & pink) are for giveaways scheduled for this blog, and also Bling Diva Designs.  I’ve seen some bloggers use them. I’m on the fence about them.


And finally, here’s the weekly view.  The larger top section you see is available for anything I’ve got going on. Then under that are 4 smaller sections and a meal planning section to use. I have 3 sections right now – Kids, Jon, Biz – that I fill in. See, all about consolidating!  In my personal portfolio, I used one of the spots for “bills’ but realized that took up a lot of space since I would only use one box with the info. So I moved that up in the space on the top left in my section. You could use it for whatever you want – a to do list, upcoming event, etc.  There’s also plenty of space to stick in additional lists for the week! (that post it has my to-do list for some orders I have going on with Bling Diva Designs).

So far, I am really digging this change.  I think I’ll find the consolidation of planners a huge relief as time goes on.  And this summer I’ll be ready to buy the next planner for 2013-2014!!


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  1. says

    My biggest issue is keeping track of everybody’s whereabouts in the family. My kids are starting to have a million things to do with their schools and friends and between my schedule and my husband’s, we are always forgetting about something. I need one place to keep track of EVERYTHING.

  2. says

    I have a crazy schedule with my full time job, I have a photo booth business, and my Origami Owl business — keeps me busy busy and so much room for over booking if I don’t stay super organized!

  3. says

    I’m like you–LOVE pen & paper; especially when it comes to organizers and calendars. My biggest problem is double booking myself. If I could just find 1 planner that would hold everythng–and this one looks like its in the running!

  4. Heather says

    Do you come with the MomAgenda? I don’t think this will be quite enough to get me organized. I like what you are doing here. If you come with it, I just might be able to get organized! 😉

  5. Cyndi says

    I can’t see the month or file bills inside my iPhone calendar! I need more help to track travel arrangements for my step-kids & which days we need to be where

  6. says

    I don’t need another calendar system – mine works just fine, but wanted to wave hi from another SCLB sister. Wonderful you got such great customer service on that.

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