Mojitos for Everyone!!

I’ve noticed over the past few weekends, since I’m unable to partake in drinking, that I’ve become the bartender, at least part time.  This past weekend was my sister’s Graduation from Pepperdine (Master’s in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy) and she had found a recipe online for mojitos – by the pitcher.

Although the recipe was really kinda vague, not too precise, so it involved some editing by me.  I heard they were delicious. I made 8 batches ahead of time and they were yum! Here’s what the ingredients are, and then below is how we modified it to prep them for batches ahead of time.

1 cup fresh lime juice

30 mint leaves

just under 3/4 cup sugar

1 cup white rum

2 cups of club soda 


In a plastic pitcher, add fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and sugar. Use a pestle (or, if you don’t have one, we used the top of a meat tenderizer) to mash together these ingredients. Sugar will dissolve. Add rum, club soda, and ice. Serve.

So, now for the “batch” recipe. We stored these 8 batches in the Tupperware cereal container. Worked great!  Here’s what we did to modify it – Complete the first step with lime juice, mint leaves, and sugar.  Add in the rum, stir, and place in the container.  Keep going until you have “enough”. (for our 8 batches – it took 10 pounds of lime! Invest or borrow a juicer!). Store in the fridge till party time.

Party time: Add a 1:1 ratio of the mixture and the club soda in pitchers. Don’t add ice! Instead, place an ice bucket nearby to keep this mojito mix potent! Enjoy!

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