Miss American Pie

So, I am not really the baker in the family.  I leave that up to my mom and my sister.  But my best friend, Lovebug, posts about stuff she makes and it seems so damn easy I think sometimes, Self, you need to try that.  So a few weeks back she posted how she made a pie using frozen blackberries (I believe it was).  So I chatted with her on Facebook to ask her how she did it.  It seemed so easy, I needed to try it. And this time, I remembered to photograph the whole thing.

She sent me this recipe online, from Allrecipes.com but we ended up changing so much of it, I figure I should just tell you what I did.

I bought a 2-pack of pie crusts from the refrigerated section and followed the instructions for the bottom to leave out for about 15 minutes prior to using.  I laid it into the tin and poked a few times with a fork.  Popped it into the oven (same temp as in the recipe) for about 15 minutes till it was a light brown.  Lovebug suggested this due to using frozen berries and them releasing moisture while they cook.  While that was in there, I combined about  3 1/2 cups of frozen berries (it was a mix from Costco – raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) with 1/4 flour and 1/2 cup sugar.

I took the 2nd pie crust and cut it into strips with a pizza cutter.

Once the bottom crust was a light brown, remove from oven and add in the berries.  There was some leftover sugar/flour mix at the bottom of the bowl so I just poured it on top.  Now, I’ve never made a lattice before. It took a few times to get it right.  Note to others – you should probably use the beaten egg mixture on all the strips before you start making the lattice.  Oh and go around the edges of the bottom crust as well.  So, I fudged my way through the lattice.

And then I sprinkled sugar over all the crust.  I popped it in the oven, but this sucker took FOREVER to cook.  I tried following the instructions in the recipe, but since I had frozen berries – it was in there much longer. So long that Jon quit waiting and went to bed. I just kept resetting the timer for 10 minutes and sticking a knife into the mixture to make sure it was hot.  Eventually it got there. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how long it too.

Once it’s done, remove it from the oven and let it cool.  If you let it cool all the way, all the extra moisture sort of firms up. I was too hungry to wait. It was like soup in there.  But it was delicious! I loved the sugar crust.  If I was to do it again, I would make sure to sprinkle a lot of sugar on the crust. I mean, a bit of sugar is nice, but a lot more is better!

The next day I had some more, and when I cut into it, it stayed in one piece a lot better. Heat it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds and it’s amazing!!!!


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