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When I first toured the home we bought last October, one room that made me do a little happy dance was our laundry room.  I’ve always had our washer & dryer out in the garage but this house had it inside it’s own room!  Well, truth be told, it’s actually more like a pass-through that connects our garage to our home.  Inside there was lots of cabinet space, a counter top, and room for a spare fridge. It just so happened that there was also plenty of space for a mini mudroom set up.

I’ve seen so many folks on Instagram on the east coast have a designated spot to dump their “mud” shoes and I realized I needed this for my stuff.  Jon’s number one gripe is that my purse/mail/etc just lands everywhere when I come home.  It’s true. I really try to keep it clean but I just drop it, and forget it.  But I just knew there was so much potential in this laundry room.  I’ve talked about Facebook resale groups before, and my mom is awesome at stalking & scoring items for us.  She found an Ikea storage unit that contained slide-out bins to store the kids’ items.  It was a natural wood, but I already had visions of making it into a mini mudroom project.

do it yourself | mini mudroom | sponsored by Persil ProClean

For this project, I already had all the paint and some leftover items from our DIY Headboard project.  To sum up all we used on our project, we purchased:

Mini Mudroom Supplies

  • Trofast storage & Bins (Ikea)
  • BeadBoard (cut to size)
  • Unfinished Pine (2×4 cut to size)
  • Finished Pine Trim (1×2 cut to size)
  • Paint (Valspar Pale Bloom)
  • Spray Paint (Rustoleum Lagoon)
  • Hooks
  • Drill, Screws, Wall Anchors

Paint the exterior storage any desired color.  Since ours was a natural wood color, I wanted it white.  I had leftover paint from Aubrey’s bedroom furniture and used that to paint over the storage unit, beadboard, and all wooden trim.

If you want a pop of color within the Trofast bin, spray that first.  I highly recommend taping off the edges to try and contain all the color within the openings.  And, should you get some on your concrete driveway, some wire scrubbing pads will get it off if you do it quickly! (not that I’d know or anything!!!)

I applied 3 coats of the paint and 2 coats of the spray paint.  I did not use any sort of clear paint to prevent chipping. I might regret that later, but for now I am ok with it.  This is a semi-gloss paint so it does have a bit of sheen.

Once everything is dry, time to start measuring & marking.  We first drilled & inserted 3 wall anchors across the top.  We then marked where they would lie on the beadboard before we nailed that up with  finishing nails.  You’ll also need to mark off where you need to drill the largest piece of pine.  Say a prayer, drill it in place, and test it out with a bit of tugging.

Here’s a video I sneaked on Instagram:

Sneak for a project coming soon to the blog!!!! #dellhomeimprovement

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Then we used finishing nails to put up the pine trim.  Jon used a handy tool to sink all the nailheads, and then later used a silicone compound to fill the holes. 24 hours later he sanded them down, and added one more coat of the Valspar Pale Bloom paint.  Last step was installing all the hooks.

The completed mini-mudroom was missing something.  I found these super awesome pillows at HomeGoods and I think they’re the perfect compliment.

do it yourself | mini mudroom | sponsored by Persil ProClean

It doesn’t hurt that the 2 colors match what we have on our front porch pots!

For the rest of our laundry room tour, you can see all the wonderful storage space we have!

do it yourself | mini mudroom | sponsored by Persil ProClean

The lower storage spots hold our party supplies and upper cabinets hold towels, sheets, and blankets.  I’m always still trying to figure out what to put in the open spots since you can’t easily conceal the mess! I also have my Scentsy that I originally bought before Aubrey was born.  I even brought it to the hospital for some relaxing scents.

do it yourself | mini mudroom | sponsored by Persil ProClean

On the wall right to the right of the Scentsy, I have this easy Meal Planning board.  I bought it on clearance at Target and adhered a “chalkboard” vinyl to it.  Since the chalk didn’t show up well, I used a Chalk Pen to write out the letters and the top description, and cut papers to pin each week.  Jon made this week’s planning since I was taking care of a sick Aubrey.

do it yourself | mini mudroom | sponsored by Persil ProClean

For our laundry, we are trying out a new detergent that has just hit the market – Persil ProClean.  It’s currently only available at Walmart and I must say the one specifically formulated for dark clothing is so dapper with the bowtie! I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of laundry in the past few days with Luke & Aubrey being sick.  I had to re-wash all her bedding and used the Power-Pearls and loved how quickly  the bubbles appeared when I added the detergent to the warm water.  One thing I do love about the upper open cabinets is keeping all the detergents & cleaning supplies far from tiny people.

Thank you Persil for helping me spruce up my Laundry Room!


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