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Meal Planning | Melissa Dell

We’re heading into a new year and that means lots of resolutions!  Well, not for me. I actually don’t really make any.  I feel too easy to break.  Last year I came up with a word of the year and it was probably the best word ever. Persevere.  A lot of changes came about last year but I kept going and I’m happy where 2014 is wrapping up. But this post is about meal planning so let’s get to it!


Sunday: Pulled Pork sandwiches with Mac n Cheese (blue box baby!).  I’ve never actually blogged the recipe I use for pulled pork but it’s a spin off this one from Stephanie O’Dea (A Year of Slow Cooking) that she shared with me on Twitter.  I think it was this recipe, but I know it’s not right.  Because, well, my recipe I’ve been using requires 3 things.  Pork (my big variation), Applesauce & Onion Soup mix.  Grab any pork (we use shoulder most often. or whatever is on sale with not a ton of fat), mix 1 1/2 cups applesauce with 1 packet of onion soup mix.  Coat the pork and let cook on low in your crockpot  for 8-10 hours.  If you don’t have that much time, cook on high for at least 3 and then turn to low.  About 45 minutes before we eat, I use some tongs and do a quick shredding so it then soaks up the juices.  Kids love it! And since the flavor is subtle, it allows for a lot of variations with leftovers (and believe me, you’ll have plenty).

Monday: Roasted Lemon Chicken


Tuesday: Quesadillas with leftover pork

Wednesday (New Year’s Eve!): Frozen Pizzas (DiGiornio is our favorite!) & salad and apps leading up to midnight – potato skins, mini chimichangas, chips & dips.

Thursday: Pioneer Woman Bowtie Lasagna with salad (but, since we need to eat the pasta in our pantry, using mini penne)


Friday: Basil Chicken with Feta (another recipe from Stephanie O’Dea!)


Saturday: Goat Cheese Pasta – This uses shrimp. Since Jon doesn’t eat shrimp, we’ll sub in another protein.


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