Meal Planning for Newbies { week 3 recap }


Well here we are, third week on my Meal Planning journey! To recap,

In week one, I ran through the meals I picked from eMeals.

In week two, I explained how I use the weekly grocery ads to choose our meals.

And in week three,  I’m here to teach one important lesson.  It’s the lesson of flexibility.

As you can tell by that photo, I planned on chicken quesadilla. The chicken was to be leftovers from the crock pot roasted chicken I was making 2 nights before.  Except I forgot to take that out, and the meal I was to make switched with another night.  And then I got the stomach flu. And then both kids got a cold. And Jon was out of town for most of the week.

So, flexibility became my motto and everything was rearranged.  It was mainly randomness and “make it through the week alone with 2 kids” kind of meals.  And that was ok.  I didn’t even make what was listed there. I can’t even remember what we had for dinner that night. But we ate, I cleaned, we lived.

So with meal planning – be flexible.  If you have to rearrange meals, do it. This isn’t supposed to cause stress-induced panic attacks.  It’s supposed to make your life easier.   

And now – another pork leftover recipe!


When cooking pork in the crockpot – a roast can result in a LOT to eat. I froze some from the precious week so we didn’t get porked out. (Roughly a 2-cup measuring portion)

Defrosted overnight, I added a small can of green enchilada sauce and layered an 8×8 inch dish with the pork mixture, refried beans, then topped with a sweet corn cake batter. You can also use cornbread.

Bake in oven according to the corn cake/corn bread instructions. Enjoy!


  1. And tonight we are flexible because it’s Friday and who feels like it. I just pulled out leftovers from the fridge. Lasagna, crockpot pulled pork, and Chinese takeout. Lol

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